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I’m curious about this penny. I can see the metal disturbances on it, but I also see some possible doubling on WE and TRUST. The U on TRUST is an o and the loop connecting the U has sharp edges that to me bubbling or metal flaw won’t have. Thanks

1988D Obv.jpg

1988D Rev.jpg



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I agree, just plating issue. Eventually some of  those bubbles will burst and zinc rot will set in.

There is no way that "O" could have happened during the striking of the coin so it has to be PMD

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I like the way you typed the thread title to match the look of the coin.(thumbsu

And, I agree with the others. That is a problem with the plating.

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Hello sir. Pretty neat penny you have there. Did you notice the other lettering underneath "IGWT"? Your letter o is part of the word "of" which is part of United States of America. Have a nice day.

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22 minutes ago, Disc Golfer said:

P.S. there is an E and an S on both sides of the R respectively 

What are you talking about?

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48 minutes ago, Greenstang said:

Just Bob-

It's called Pareidolia, seeing something that's not there.

It seems that we see a lot of that phenomenon around here.



or, do we........? hm


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