How do I upload images to my NGC Registry set?

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Please follow the directions below to upload coin photos to your NGC Registry competitive sets.

1) Log in to the NGC Registry on the web site.

2) Click on the head and shoulders icon:



 3) Click on My Registry Profile:

My Registry Profile w arrow.JPG


4) Click on My Competitive Sets:

My Competitive Sets w arrow.JPG


5) Click on the name of the set you wish to edit:



6) Click on the + Image next to the coin in question:

Add Image w arrow.JPG


7) Click Add NGC Image or New Image (if you have your own photo to upload):                

Add Image #2 w arrow.JPG


8) Follow the directions on your screen.


***PLEASE NOTE: This upload process for NGC photos will not replace any photos you have already uploaded. We do not guarantee that NGC security photos for all coins exist. NGC did not start taking security photos for coins until 2008. Also, some large submissions (bulk submissions) do not have security photos taken.***

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So is something not working with NGC images? I have noticed lately for the past week I am having various issues, likely database issues?. e.g., removing/deleting my Registry images, replacing them with new images, and updating.

Was getting "object errors" for a while. I have noticed if I remove an image, I will have to leave it alone/deleted for 24h hours before attempting to upload the new image before it retains it, otherwise the old one will come back.

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