1778 mexico 8 REALES genuine or counterfeit ?

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First time on this forum...not sure if this is the right spot for this. Just got this on ebay for a really good price so

just wondering if anybody can give me info on this cause i want to know if it is worth sending in for grading or send it back to the seller.

I know they go by weight and metal analysis but i only got an ounce scale. it is suppose to be around 27 grams and it weighs .9 ounces so it is close.

does it visually look right? thanx for any help.





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It looks good enough to get slabbed -- XF or low AU but possibly cleaned.  These are tricky to authenticate but there's a lot of information on other forums about what to look for.  And there is a great book about counterfeits of this series.

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