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1964 John F. Kennedy Half Dollar

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Hard to tell by the pics but doesn't look like any cameo to me. If not, the coin would have to grade at least PF69 to be worth it. The coin will not grade that. 

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12 hours ago, stash-1 said:

Check it for the accent hair variety


Cool diagram that shows hair varieties. I've not studied these dies closely but assume that many die pair of the accented hair variety were prepared for use and must have been destroyed. By saying that I don't assume these die markers are on all accented hair coins. Imagine several hundred die pair used to strike those millions of proof Kennedy Halves with most being the normal hair variety and the earliest struck coins being accented hair type, it's easy to see why high grade heavy cameo examples of accented hair coins are rare in high grade. Also interesting to note that proof sets carrying the accented hair variety half also contained the pointed 9 Roosevelt Dime variety. Consider these statements speculation but I would love to hear more from others here.

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Thank you I am researching some things were left to me and I got out of the loop of things and wanna catch up. My grandpa and me did a lot of coins things and I probably look like an insufficiently_thoughtful_person  on here Posting pictures of coins expecting people who put in the work to just give me the answers. My bad

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