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If a coin is determined to be UNC CLEANED, why isn't the process stopped and sent back to the owner ? It is not graded or can't be or won't be.. I assume that the problem is found early on. So, why am I charged full price for a grading if the coin is not graded ? How do they determine it was cleaned ? I recently had a 1912-S Lincoln sent back to me as UNC CLEANED. The slab that I purchased had a grade of MS66. The previous grading company said nothing about CLEANED. The obverse and reverse look to have some flaws but it doesn't look like cleaning to m. I'm not an expert; just a disappointed newbie. 




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That is a disappointing result but one that should not be unexpected. The certification company which holdered your coin previously is not widely recognized by the coin hobby, and that's why NGC requires submitters to sign a waiver of the certified grade when seeking NGC grading of such pieces. While the result may come as a shock, it is a more accurate assessment of the coin. Early S-Mint Lincolns having full red color are quite rare, with the exceptions of 1909-S and 1909-S VDB, both of which were saved by collectors and the public when new.

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2 hours ago, Paul Pecora said:

Thank you. Just perplexed that "cleaned" coins are a no-no. So how can I restore my Lincoln ? Can it be done ? Thank you.

You can never really get rid of a cleaning. Over the years, new patina may return to the coin and it look better, but still no guarantee it will ever grade without details. 

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