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EBay user matthelombard4 has a 2016 Gold Eagle for sale that is an obvious FAKE.  I've posted images of the "coin" offered, as well as the images from NGC's verification.  I've reported this item TWICE to ebay, but the auction is still live.




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Thank you for posting this. It has been reported to eBay and will be pulled. 

In the future, feel free to email me at Paul@ngccoin.com if you see any other fakes for sale online.


Thank you,



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wow that is scary.  That just PROVES that it is really smart to check these coins on the pcgs/ngc site.  I recently pulled up one = an MS66 spanish trail- commem that said "contact NGC"  I  let the seller know (he was a very reputable dealer) and HE got it from another reputable dealer.  turns out it was a clerical or other error and was easily resolved but it gave us both a good scare because it was an expensive coin. 

Now I check them all-  regardless of price-  and have never seen another that didn't verify but I'm sure they are out there.   These people are going to get smarter and more desperate every day and will prey upon all of us because we assume its ok- after all-  "its in a slab"- 

It takes about 30 seconds to check, and could save you untold headaches-- especially if you buy it and eventually sell it- and the new buyer checks it.  Guess who will eat that one?  Not the person who sold it to you---especially if its been a while. 

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