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A few odd JFKs coin roll hunting

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The first 3 photos are a1974d no fg

the second is a 1991

missing a few things not sure why it's missing 

then a 1972 that I'm guessing maybe planchette damages or clad 

then a 1982p no  fg

Are these worth grades or being certified I'm wondering how that works










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I'm only aware of three dates where the FG has been completely polished out on the dies, the 1966 SMS, 1972-D and the 1982-P

It would be very intersting if in fact you have some 1974-D unaltered no FG Kennedys

The 1972 where the outer clad layer has exposed the inner core looks 'etched' so I'm considering this one eviranmental damage.

The 1991 exhibits a 'clogged die' pattern and has no premium.

The 1982-P no FG would be cost prohibitive as MS examples can be had for $20

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I agree with woodenjefferson on the 1972, 1991, and 1982-P no FG.   The '74-D may be grease filled too; really hard to say.  Neat find.  I've found some Kennedy's with the "F" completely missing, and just a faint outline of the "G," or vice versa.      

Searching rolls can yield some very pleasant surprises, and you've certainly found some- keep looking, and good luck!

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