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Ancient Judea (6) - Maccabees to destruction of 2nd Temple 

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For your consideration is a group of coins from Ancient Judea that range from the time of the Maccabees (the Hasmonean Dynasty around 135 BCE) to the destruction of the 2nd Temple (around 66-70 CE). These coins have been properly attributed and as such should stand-out from the typical "widow's mite" junk bins you might have seen at various dealers tables in the past.
The entire group is $125 [and will not be sold separately]. I am willing to consider a possible trade of world mint silver/gold coin bullion (no 90% silver) with a mix of cash.
[I tried showing the actual Greek and Hebrew letters/words here but the site unfortunately mangled the lettering upon trying to post the thread.]
Alexander Jannaeus (103-76 BCE) (cousin of Judah Maccabee; beginning of lineage of Hasmonean kings)
Bronze Prutah (on lepton planchet?) [Hendin 469/1150]
Obverse = Anchor, Greek (of King Alexander)
Reverse = Star, Yehonatan the King (Hebrew)
John Hyrcanus II (67, 63-40 BCE)
Bronze Prutah [Hendin 479/1159]
Obverse = Yonatan the High Priest and the Council of the Jews (Hebrew)
Reverse = Double cornucopia with caduceus between
Herod I (40 - 4 BCE)
Bronze Prutah [Hendin 500/1188]
Obverse = Anchor; (Greek) (King Herod)
Reverse = Double cornucopia with caduceus between, dots above
Agrippa I (37 - 44 CE)
Bronze Prutah – Struck in 41/42 CE [Hendin 553/1244]
Obverse = Umbrella-like canopy with fringes, Greek (King Agrippa)
Reverse = Three ears of barley growing between two leaves,
flanked by date, Lc (Year 6)
Marcus Ambibulus (9 - 12 CE)
Bronze Prutah [Hendin 636/7/8/1329]
Obverse = Ear of barley curved to right, (Greek)(of Caesar)
Reverse = Eight-branched palm tree bearing two bunches of dates, date in field L?
First Revolt Prutah (the Jews were in active revolt from within Jerusalem and producing these coins in absolute defiance of the Romans)
Year 2 - 67/68 C.E. (note the ancient “Bet” above the amphora)
Bronze – 2.9 gm
Coin was struck about 15% off center
Vine Leaf on Small Branch
“The Freedom of Zion” is partially readable in Hebrew around the edge of the coin

67-68 CE 1st Revolt - Obverse - Sharpened - 3 - small.jpg

H469 - Obverse - 3 - small.jpg

H479 - Obverse 2 - P #2 - small.jpg

H500 - Reverse - P #2 - small.jpg

H553 - Obverse 2 #2 - small.jpg

H636 - Reverse 2 #2 - small.jpg

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