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please offer your opinion of grade and description of this coin*ANSWER** POSTED*

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i know photos are hard to grade let alone in person as grading is really subjective


but give it your best shot!


the coin is graded by pcgs and it is problem free


so no trick surprises here with the photograph 893applaud-thumb.gif


so from the photo


1) please grade this coin 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


most importantly


2) why do you give it this grade 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


3) and what specifically do you like 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


4) and dislike 893scratchchin-thumb.gif about it


i will say that in person it is ever so lightly prooflike and it does have a thick original skin to it and has not been dipped or soap and watered or cleaned or baking sodaed


tongue.gifwith the 1864 the reverse's usually have weaker detail due to strike

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I'll try! I'll try! I'll try!


1) AU58??? confused-smiley-013.gif

2) Because there seems to be little flatness on the ends of the curls of the hair on liberty. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


3) The leaves in the wreath have very good detail; coin looks to be well struck over all. thumbsup2.gif


4) It’s not in my collection. Christo_pull_hair.gif

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I don't own any gold other than moderns so this will be tough......I also feel like it's an AU coin so I will say AU-55....but as you pointed out what looks like wear could be a weak strike.


The coin looks a little dark for my taste though that could just be the image. I guess I am partial to the bright shiny look which typically happens when the coin is lightly cleaned. All in all still a very desirable coin that if funds permitted I would not hesitate to add to my collection. thumbsup2.gif

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It looks 55. The surfaces look like they have some light wear on them. Not as crisp as I'd expect from uncirculated. Looking at the hair and wreath there are some clear flat areas. Doesn't strike me as tiny friction which is why I go for 55. Mostly due to the marks and discoloration in the fields. What I like is the color, very nice for the era. Hard to guage the luster. Not much I don't like.

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Michael, I hate to throw water on the above grades but I am an "old school" grader. To me it looks like the kind of coin that I just love. Been around a little but yet not too much. I give it an XF45. My reasoning is the wear on the overall Hair curls. Always hard with just a picture. Many grading services today would go AU probably. My eyes still grade 50 years ago. Bob [supertooth]

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thanks for all the great replies!!! now the coin looks like it has been thruogh the civil war and it does have quite a thick skin but the lustre and prooflike qualities come thruogh when it hits you when the coin it looked at and tilted


i will reveal the grade later tonight


so far everyone is quite good with their evaulation from this photo of this coin



amazing responses(thumbs up thumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gifhail.gif

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My thoughts go to XF45, mostly due to flatness on the obverse. I do not much care for the overall color as presented by the pictures which do not show any of the PL you see.

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I was thinking EF45 too. There is only light wear on the high points. Some luster appears to remain in the fields around the rims and in the protected areas around the weath and lettering. That is the best I can tell from the picture. Then I have never collected or owned a $3 dollar gold so I don't have the experience for this series.

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wow all great replies!!!! it was hard as the photo does not do justice to the coin and the coin has good lustre and some prooflike qualities underneath the thick multicolored skin but all we got here is the scan


the coin with the surfaces and surfaces definately have claims to au and as with 1864 three dollar gold biz strikes the obverse is always stronger than the reverse


i myself personailly think this coin is an xf/au obverse

with a xf reverse as the reverse is weakly struck


i think the old school of grading as someone has mentioned on here this coin is xf-45 (+) grin.gif and maybe i could see it in an au50 holder 893whatthe.gif well au-45+ 27_laughing.gif


i have seen many many MANY pcgs and ngc three dollar gold in au 50 53 holders that where not any better than this coin but they all had been lightened soap and watered baking sodaed and this is not a bad but not a good thing but i believe if this coin was lightened it would receive from au 50-55 grade



well pcgs graded this coin pcgs xf-45 and the holder is like two/three years old or thereabouts i myself am surprised they did not at least put it in an au-50 holder




all correct astute great replies 893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif


AND FROM JUST PHOTOS YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and grading is an art.............


well i would love to buy this coin as a strong xf and sell it as a solid au-53+

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sorry i just realized i posted something else and i must have hit the wrong button and deleted the coin hold on here it is again


i think i havetoi start a new thread and posting again of this coin confused.gif well here it is again grin.giflaugh.gif

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I/m gonna guess XF-45 smile.gif


I agree with the technical grade of XF-45 but I am sure that it would market grade as an AU 50. Anything over that would be pushing the envelope.


It does have nice eye-appeal, however.


p.s. Great post, Michael, once we got beyond the technical glitches, that is. wink.gif

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