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Looking for fake trade dollars?

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Lets see here located in China yet they accept British money 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


Bad English


"Look! This is a authentic 1875 years US silver dollar coin. This is a old silver dollar, it is made of the silver, it have very lofty craft in hand, you see picture, it is very good and very beautiful, please don't miss it. If you win it, it will is your great collection! If you win more item, we will combine shipping cost to you, also you will save shipping cost greatly."


no paypal just ways that you can't track

We accept payment ways:


" 1 .personal check

2.bank wire transfer

3 .money order

4.western uion

5..Use Money Gram.


Money booker"


Sounds real to me 27_laughing.gif

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Did anyone check out his other items for sale?


His 2 million year-old chameleon fossil is not even a lizard. It looks like Nessie!


His 2 million year-old insect isn't of the insect family. It's a (?)xxxxx-opod from the ocean.


And his jade statute of a nude woman is actually MICHAEL JACKSON!



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Merc - A good fake Trade $ can fool most non-specialists. When I was in Vietnam, I picked one up. It was an 1875 CC that was a scratched up XF. It fooled most dealers to whom I showed it.


The dimensions were correct, and so was the weight. It may have been an electrotype. The detail was good and they didn't mistake type II detail on a type I coin, etc.


The only way a pro determined it was a fake was he took it out of the holder & bounced the coin on a table (I was okay with this, as it had so many contact marks on it, one more would not make a difference). The 'ping' wasn't quite right. Apparently although the coin WAS primarily silver, the metal content of the coin didn't quite match up with that of the original Trade $. Tom B, with his background, can explain this better than I can.


Bottom line, for all practical purposes, a raw Trade $ is probably a fake one, irrespective of its grade. This is an excellent example were getting a coin slabbed by a top tier TPG is IMO the only sane way to go.

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NARU'd. Go figure. Not before he took several people's money though. Do you really think people were not aware these were all fakes? For the price they paid?



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There are hundreds maybe thousands of people who buy coins and currency on eBay that have no idea what they are buying. There are many coin dealers who are taking advantage of this! IMO...

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