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Congress trying to Replace Sacagewea Dollar

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I c&p this from CT.

Possibly as I write, lawmakers are trying to get congressional approval for a replacement for the Sacagewea Dollar. Under the proposal, the dollar would be used to commemorate the nation's past presidents in a fashion similar to the 50 States Quarter program.



The lawmakers who have tabled the proposal have made public their belief that featuring the presidents on the dollar would increase public acceptance of a circulating dollar coin. I am inclined to disagree, although it may stimulate collector interest and would have a positive impact on our hobby, I think it would have little or no impact on use of the coin in circulation.


In case anyone missed this issue in the news, here is a link from a week or so ago...




SORRY....DEAD LINK mad.gif

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I doubt it would happen. Besides how would it play politically to repeal a law saying the dollar coin must represent an historical woman and replace it with a bunch of dead presidents -- all men.


Personally, I'd love to see the designs used in the platinum coins used for the dollar coin. Statue of lib on obverse and various vistas and monuments on rev.

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Let's face it, nobody used the SBA and nobody is using the SAC. For that matter, nobody has been using the Kenndey half. Not even the casinos, with their "ticket in/ticket out" technology, are using them anymore. By law, the Mint must produce them and they are just storing them away. What a waste!


I still say that we should use both the dollar and half dollar for commemorative issues that would serve a dual purpose. Premium strikes (Proof and Unc) could be produced and available direct from the Mint for those who can afford them while business strikes could go into general circulation. Those collectors, or collectors-to-be, who don't have the financial means to purchase the premium strikes could still enjoy or be attracted to the hobby as many of us were 50 years ago...............searching pocket change! If you'll recall, in another thread someone said that they tried to pay for something with a SAC and the clerk thought they were trying to pass counterfeit money. Do you realize how many people in this country aren't even aware of the existence of commemorative coins, SAE's and $2 bills, or have ever seen a Morgan, Buff, Merc, or SLQ? Do you realize how many people could be introduced to the hobby through general circulation of commemoratives? One thing would be sure, if more people were exposed to the hobby our ranks would grow.............as demand increased, values would increase.


I think we should use these coins to memorialize our nation's heritage, our national parks, natural formations, man-made wonders, endangered species and other flora and fauna. The surcharges that are now becoming commonplace on most commemorative issues will remain a voluntary form of taxation directed to those who can more afford it, and the proceeds from these surcharges are then earmarked for a specific use rather than go into general funds.



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