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I bought this last night.....

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Nice nickel, thumbsup2.gif


Here's the Teletrade history for the last year for 1937-D, MS66. These prices do not have the 10% buyers’ fee include.

I looked at each and it seemed that eye appeal was the driving factor in the price differences.




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I guess that's what I get 4 relying on CoinValue for a price. Why don't the Coin Digest go higher than MS-65? Does the RedBook go higher than 65? R there any other good price guides? TIA

BTW CoinValue said $125 in 66...sob smile.gif

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I sometimes wonder if Coin Values' prices aren't (artificially) higher just to substantiate the prices asked by their advertisers in CW and CV.



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R there any other good price guides?


IMHO…. No confused-smiley-013.gif


BTW CoinValue said $125 in 66...sob


I do not see any need to sob; 893whatthe.gif

Here are a couple of buffalos currently being offered by DLRC. They are priced at $93 each.




When I’m looking for coin’s value I like to research actual price history from auctions like Teletrade or Heritage, and also look at a few online coin dealers to see what they are offering and their pricing of it is.


In the Teletrade history for 1937-D nickels in MS66 you see what bidders have paid for the same coin in what is really a “sight unseen” venue, and it should also be noted that if you do return a coin to Teletrade you forfeit the buyers fees which are 10% of the realized price. devil.gif


Personally I have always kept that in mind went thinking how much I would pay for a coin in an auction where you have to give the buyers fee and pay the return postage, I feel that if I buy a coin in this manner it’s not going back, so I tend to bid on the lower side.


Now on the other end of the spectrum are coin dealers like DLRC, a dealer with a great reputation, where they stock good looking coins, you can call to get a verbal description of a coin (which can help a lot seeing it is tough to convey the true look of coins through the internet), and what I think are fair prices for good coins. Also you can return what you bought with it only costing you the shipping.


So you did all right if your new nickel is as good as the pictures in the auction, and if your nickel is better than the picture...

you did even better. thumbsup2.gif


As to the CW values guide,( or lack of value guide) it has what I call “feel good prices”, no matter how much you pay for a coin, when you get home and look up your new prize in there you see a price that no way could you have paid that much, and then you feel good! 27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif

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