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RMW Collection of England and Great Britain

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This piece is recognized by the standard text of English Copper, Bronze and Tin Coins (Peck , Second Edition, Page 186) as a Group 2 farthing, made as a piece de plaisir by the Mint. This specific piece is listed and identified as Peck 747.

There are restrikes of pattern farthings which were made from the original dies later in the 18th century, but Peck does not list this particular variety as a restrike.

due to the primitive metallury of the time, the insistence by some that pieces should be made of pure copper to match their intrinsic value, and the fact that most such pieces broke apart when subject to the "hammer test", being too brittle, no copper farthings were put in circulation during this reign.

It is unclear from the Peck text as to why pieces of this design were made, but from my reading of it, they were made by the Mint as opposed to anyone else.

Sir Isaac Newton was Master of the Mint at the time.


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...or a "piece de carprice" or fantasy piece - prepared for amusement or pleasure not official use... by the American definition.


Still - interesting item.

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It could be.

Having said that, the designer for the piece was Croker, the main engraver of the time at the Mint.

Its not clear that this was an experimental design for possible use or not. the text is not clear on that.

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