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Stumped by 1925 Peace Dollar

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I'm not quite sure if what I'm seeing on this coin is really what I'm seeing or if I am just crazy, but thought I'd solicit some opinions.


I've probably had this coin for over 50 years and it spent most of that time in a Whitman. Most of my old Whitmans are falling apart from age (just like me) and I have started transferring coins to Saflips. I'm guessing that this is the first time in a very long time that I have looked at the reverses of some of these coins.


Anyway, this 1925 dollar appears to have a very weak "D" mint mark. I realize that there were no 1925 Peace Dollars minted in Denver. So, I'm not exactly sure if this is really what I am seeing and, if so, how this might have happened. The mark appears to be in the proper location and to be about the right size.


I included a few images taken with my digital microscope. Unfortunately, I can't adjust the brightness of the LED lights on the scope -- the images are overlit and the white balance isn't right so the images aren't the greatest. The "D" is actually easier to see and more pronounced using a 10X loupe and natural light. The area does appear to be slightly raised, but I don't know how to verify this. Also, the tarnish between the rim and this "ghost" mint mark somewhat wraps the left side of the "D" which would seem to support the notion that the area is indeed raised.


Any thoughts?


Thanks for the help!


Closeup of mark:



Full reverse:







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Looks like a regular 25-P to me. I don't see anything, even downloading your photo and zooming in it looks normal. There's a little smudge there, but nothing that looks like a MM. Maybe it's just the photos?


As you say, if there is anything there, it would be an "S", and if there is an "S" there, I'd have that thing graded. :)


The toning isn't the best, but it looks like it has lustrous surfaces and few hits.


Updated to add:


Are you looking between the rim and an area just slightly above the tip of the eagle's wing? The MM location of Peace dollars varies a bit, but I've never seen one in that location. It's usually higher, and unless I'm wrong, never that close to the rim.

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I'm no expert, but I'd say the second image looks more like a "D" mint mark- interesting anomaly, or, otherwise...??? However; with the supersized images, I wonder if this is just a die chip, or, strike through. I'd tend to think some anomaly with the later. I'm sure the VAM experts could clue in to what this may present.





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I'd say the surfaces of this particular Peace Dollar are exhibiting a strong orange peel effect, and, in conjunction with some toning, your eyes are deceiving you into seeing a "D" where this is no "D".

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