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Newb seeking info on NCG 20th Annv Collection Silver Eagle Collection

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I have come across two NCG slabbed coins that are from a 2005 20th Anniversary Edition of Silver American Eagles. As far as I can piece together, NCG released two-thousand and five sets that included every year of Silver American Eagle (1986-2005) in MS69 condition. Each set was numbered and each coin label included the set number and a special "20th Anniversary" indicator.


So, here's my question. If I have two of those coins, then someone else is missing those two coins. Maybe I'd like to be able to find the other 18 coins in the set, or maybe someone with the 18 coins would like to find the two that I have. How can I begin to make this connection through these forums? I don't fully understand the registry process - could there be a chance some has listed some of the other coins in the registry? And how/what would I search to find those? Other than just some random chance of seeing a coin on eBay some day, it just seems that there might be a better way to reconnect these lost coins with their brothers.


Thanks for the help - and please don't jump on me for newbie issues. Just relax and trust that I am doing my best and honoring said forum with the utmost respect.


Thanks! - Andrew

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I emailed NGC inquiring about the set and this was the response:


"These were complete Silver Eagle sets that we certified in 2005 with the first 20 issues of the series. They have a special label and 2005 MS69 graded sets were done. Since this was done 7 years ago, they are well dispersed, but can be found on various auction sites like eBay, Great Collections and in dealers' inventories. Usually, they are offered as a complete set, so not sure what happened to this gentleman's other coins."

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