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Fingerprints and grading

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I have a coin I recently have found to have lots of palmprints on them (developed shortly after slabbing at another company....). I'm planning on sending it to NCS to see what you can do. Now, I know there is always the possibility that a conserved coin can grade less than the slabbed grade. So my question is, when you submit a coin to NCS, can you specify a conserve and then cross-at-any-grade option?





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Thanks for your question.


Sorry to hear about the fingerprint, but I would not worry about it too much. It sounds like you caught the problem early enough that it can still be solved.


Fingerprints and other forms of contact with human skin are a common problem. Even the most careful numismatists may accidentally contact the field of the coin and leave residue. Sometimes the contact shows as a fingerprint or as a smudge and many times it is visible immediately while other times is may take time for discoloration to occur. In either case, it is important to realize fingerprints can often be removed if caught early.


NCS has several techniques that have proven very effective in dealing with fingerprints, so by all means, send the coin in for us to evaluate and conserve.


You have several options when submitting a certified coin for conservation and then grading by NGC afterwards.

1. Check grade protection if you want the conserved only if we feel it will at least maintain its current grade. If we feel the coin will not maintain its current grade we will return it to you in its current holder and not conserve it.

2. If you want the coin conserved regardless of the grade, do not check grade protection and write on the form "conserve regardless of grade." We will crack and conserve the coin and send it to NGC afterwards. This allows us to conserve a coin that may be over graded when it came in.

*If we feel the coin will not grade at NGC due to an irreversible surface problem such as damage, scratches, or improper cleaning that was not noted by the other certification company, we will probably not crack the coin and will call you to advise you of the problem. Obviously, we do not want to void any warranty that may exist by cracking the coin from its holder.


If you have other questions of comments, feel free to call our customer service department at 866-627-2646.





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