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More PCGS pieces to convert

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Additional PCGS pieces to convert to NGC


In order for World coins certified by PCGS t0 be used in registry sets, the current NGC policy is to require conversion to NGC slabs

(unlike what I understnad for US coins).

So other pieces to send this week to NGC are:

1699 proof farthing in silver ex-Terner PCGS PF 65

1746 proof shilling ex-Terner PCGS PF 65

1700 shilling PCGS 64

1804 Bank of England Dollar PCGS 65

1820 halfcrown PCGS 66

1825 halfcrown PCGS 65

1834 halfcrown PCGS 65

1849 florin ex-Terner PCGS 65

1902 halfcrown PCGS 66



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Nice coin! Well coins, but that is a nice one you pictured.


FYI you might want to call customer service to confirm, but you MAY lose the pedigree if you send in the ex-Terner. If you have some sort of additional documentation CALL FIRST. Although, I was pleased when I sent in something with a much more minor designation someone very proactively called me to make sure I was okay with losing it.


Also, make sure you fill in minimum grades if that matters to you. At least with what I have been sending over, many cross at the same grade. However I've gotten a rare upgrade and several more downgrades.


I keep poor records and my recall bias is that it was on coins with pretty colors that may have gotten an eye appeal bump at PCGS, but failed to meet the technical grade. My most recent example (and still in the PCGS slab so I can look at it) I do agree it was overgraded. In fact I generally say cross at any grade, unless if it doesn't cross I have other plans for it.


I don't collect much British, but I suspect that constitutes a rather excellent set of coins!

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Thanks for the comment and advice. As a retired accountant (bean counter) I have pretty good records. I will keep the records of those pieces being crossed over. I am also being helped in the conversion process by a dealer with many decades of experience. Even in the event that I lost the pedigree,, which I agree is important, the coin, once it gets posted,will speak for itself. I think you will enjoy it when it gets back and posted.

I made a point of reminding the dealer I work with about the SAME feature on grading cross over PCGS pieces like this. Rather than breaking the PCGS holders for submission, they are sent to NGC as is. If NGC can apply the same grade or better it is only then that the PCGS holder is broken. If NGC cant apply an equivalent grade, the coin is sent back in its original PCGS holder. there is verbiage to that effect on this website.

As this is the first time I have done this cross over process we will see how it works out. But from what I have head and read I think it should be OK.

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