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A Nice Tip for A New Addition posted by Jackson

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Fellow collector's looking out for each other


A nice side effect of being in this registry community is getting to know each other's sets and interests. I have given a head's-up to a friend or 2 here when I've seen a nice coin that I knew they collected by theme, type or specifically were hunting for.

The forums and journals are nice ways to share interests and the beauty of it is when the sharing comes full circle. You share with others your enjoyment of your niche interest in the hobby and in turn someone may share a nice "coin lead" with you when they see something.

My latest slabbed addition to the bear themed set was a heads up from BRG-he of the amazing horse themed coin set. This was an extra nice tip in that the coin is already graded and encapsulated by NGC so that I can add it to the set without the issues of "is the added cost of grading combined with the coin purchase price too much more than the value and worth it for the collection?" A singular price--and that at a discount after I made a respectful offer near the asking price- netted me my Ursus Arctos-the great brown bear of the Black Sea region and eastern Turkey.

Thanks again, and to all of my other fellow collector's who've given me these great leads in the past also, my warmest appreciation. Happy Hunting-------


PS: as an added benefit, the coin is coincidentally very similar to the coins which inspired the set. The Canadian $2 Polar bear coins are also of the same diameter with bi-metallic rings of gold colored metal inside and a white metal outer ring..



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That is a really attractive coin! I've been both the beneficiary and the tipper of what you are talking about and there is nothing like it. I've always said that by and large the collecting community here is hard to beat, and BRG is one of the best. On top of the occasional coin tip, his photography tips have helped make me the coin photographer I am today. He has always generously shared his knowledge along with his fascinating horse set.


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Jackson, I'm so glad you liked the coin and were able to get it for your collection. It's always my pleasure to give hints where I can, as I have also been the recipient of leads like this myself. This really is a great community of folks here. (thumbs u


All the best, Brandon (The BRG Collection)



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