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Conservation of a modern?

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I had read a post early about the Wisonsin Quarters varities and in there was

a good question posted whether intentional or not.


And this would do with any modern coin that was found in change or freely

handled without care.


Even though nothing can be seen on the surface now, would this cause enough

worry that it could appear in the near future?


Has anyone had any experiance with slabbing a new circulated coin that

obviously did not come directly from the mint and have a coin show anything

such as finger prints in a few years?


And or would this ever be a consideration for some type of precautionary

conservation before slabbing?


Thank in advance from one of those silly ones that wished grandpa would saved

moderns in mint state!

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You do bring up a good point. Even though a coin may not appear to be in need of conservation at first glance, there may be residues there waiting to become apperant at a later date. Fingerprints are among the worst of these residues. Fingerprints will frequently not be visible for even several years and appear suddenly at a later date after they have etched into the surface of the coin.


Even modern coins will appear better after conservation and be more stable for long-term storage. A residue doesn't have to be unsightly and blaringly obvious to cause harm in the long-term.


Chris, NCS

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Hi Chris,

Do you know if/how the graders prepare the coins before they slab ? I'm assuming they at least use air to blow off dust particles, ?? Do they not use some type of an agent to prevent the coin turning in the future ?



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I've also been told by the local dealer that using Acetone with a cotton swab , not using scrubbing action or a dry swab, is an acceptable way to get prints removed .

But he is extremely wishy washy about rather it would prevent NGC from grading it. I have experimented with silver clad coins and can not tell any difference under magnification. Please share you opinion.

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In addition to fingerprints, die grease tends to thoroughly coat modern coins these days, and not only does that change the color of the coin over time, but it can have an immediate effect on the coins appearance. A brand new coin can be conserved and come out nicer than it looked when it left the dies, for that very reason.

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