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How are you to sell something like this?

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I sent him an e-mail saying he should have gone through with the transaction and just not provided the tracking number unless she paid extra.


It's all over $17 bucks for crying out loud....that wouldn't be worth my time, not the aggravation......certainly not worth the negative.


Having been married for 14 years......I know when to pick my battles, and I don't think he worked hard enough at trying to resolve the matter.....I could be wrong since I am not in his shoes, but from what I read......the issues could have been resolved.

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This seller as well as every seller who uses PayPal should get a Delivery Confirmation on every item that they ship! If the item gets lost PayPal will want to see proof that you mailed the item!


As far as this seller goes; he screwed up by not sending her the coins in the first place! He cancelled the sale without a mutual agreement. I would have neged him as well!

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