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My 55 Year Journey of Coin Collecting part 11 of 20 posted by danny0603

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The Good, The Bad???, and The Ugly


Last month I joined as a paid NGC member. I have so many coins in their original mint packaging that are taking up so much space and are hard to organize. I immediately prepared a shipment of 26 of my coins to be graded.


THE GOOD- I got word today that my graded coins have been shipped back to me and I will soon be able to add them to my phone app to share with my family.


THE BAD??- I am not sure if this is bad because my expectations may have been too high and I don't know if the following is a good or bad ratio. There are 4/26 PF70, 1/26 PF68 and 21/26 PF69. I guess I was hoping for about 7 to be perfect.


THE UGLY- One of the coins I submitted was 40mm by 40mm and I thought it was within the limits but since it was square, they put it in an over-sized holder. And you know from a previous one of my blogs how much I hate that.


Well, I have to go now to prepare my next shipment.


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The grades you got look par for the course for sending in a group of mint package material. A closer and wiser understanding before you send in the next group will render more 70's and less 69's.

I just sent in 86 State Quarters that will be graded this week. After my 4'th or 5'th review of highest grades they were finally ready for submission. If you want high grades then you need to be VERY judgmental!!!


The worst mistake you can make is sending in coins just to fill empty slots. That will get you whatever grade you find. Just send in the best coins you can find. A perfect proof with the smallest amount of toning = PF69 ;)

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I enjoy reading your journal so much! I am a little older than you and, like you, have collected on and off since childhood. I admire the way you collect coins that appeal to you esthetically, because you like the way they look. I'm more wrapped into the bag of gotta have every coin in the series in as high a grade as I can afford. Thanks for writing and I hope you keep it up!

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