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My 55 Year Journey of Coin Collecting part 7 of 20 posted by danny0603

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Cashing In


When 2011 rolled around I was dismayed at the price I was going to have to pay for my Chinese Panda set and was told that gold and silver prices were way up. I had never really paid attention to these prices.


I decided that after 14 years of storing and toting the heavy "Secret Collection" from part 3 that maybe I would sell. I found a place in my city that had good Google reviews and went to get an estimate. I was shocked to find that I would be given 28 times face. I will never forget when the proprietor held up one thin dime and told me it was worth $2.80. I did not sell at the peak but pretty close.


I took my 4 bags down and they were put through a coin sorter and it was determined that there was approximately $4300 face. It did hit a nerve when he called it "junk silver". Little did he know that I had spent 2190 hours collecting that silver from my Dad's cash register drawers. I was just grateful for the inheritance my Dad had left for me.


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That "junk silver" could pay for a modest home!


Congratulations on that and what a wonderful thing that your father had kept that for you all those years!

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Great move to sell when you did. I was in high school in 1965, and over the next five years or so accumulated around $250 in silver from pocket change. Sold about half of it in 79 or 80 when the Hunt brothers tried to "corner the market" in silver -got around 25 times face value, which went into a down payment on a house. I replaced most of that from dealers "junk silver" boxes after the price crashed in the nid-80's, and sold about half of it around 2011, again at aroung 25 times face. My only regret is not selling all I had both times.

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