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Here is an image of that 1918/17-S Standing Liberty quarter I purchased

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James: The last time you posted this, I had some reservations about it. Since you have now posted a large picture, I will give my opinion. I know you said you had several people look at it and all said it was OK. I disagree. Here are the reasons I think it is not real.


1. There is no clash mark of the eagles wing running thru the T in Trust. All of the real overdates that I have seen have this.


2. Your coin has part of the step and toes of miss libertys left foot. All of the real overdates that I have seen the toes and step are not there.


3. The fields look too grainy. Especially the reverse.


I know you paid a lot of money for this coin and if I were you I would have J. Cline look at it. He would be the one to ask since he has seen many of these.


I have collected SLQ's for years and I just can not sign off on this one as being OK.


I could be wrong and have been before but this coin just doesn't look right to me.





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Hi Gary, and thanks for your thoughts.


Actually, I know that the overdates were all struck off of clashed dies, and this coin has the correct diagnostics, though I guess the image just doesn't show them. It was the first thing I checked when I bought it. In person though, you can definitely discern the striking of clashed die on both sides of the coin, as you are supposed to be able to on genuine examples (look at the top of the left wing, just left of E PLURIBUS and UNUM). With a glass, you can also see the diagnostic "spine" that's in the space above the last two digits of the date.


You are right about the slight porosity on the reverse, though it looks much worse when the image is hugely enlarged like this, and I think the lighting makes it looks even harsher!


I have a pretty good guarantee on authenticity from the buyer, but I am planning to have it checked out for sure. I'm only at 99.999% laugh.gif



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