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what is your favorite dollar coin? would you consider doing a dollar type set?

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myself it would be really cool thumbsup2.gif to do a dollar type set


and then get the same date gold dollars for type too and the dates of the gold dollars to match the dates of the silver dollars 893applaud-thumb.gif


now what is your favorite dollar design 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


here is a sexy civil war era dollar coin flowerred.gif


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I like the Gobrecht dollar the best, by far. To me, this is what Ms Liberty should look like when seated, not like the contorted seated Ms Liberty we see on subsequent coinage.

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Will Work for Superb Trade Dollars



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Loc: Washington State Re: what is your favorite dollar coin? would you consider doing a dollar type set? [Re: James_EarlyUS]

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would you consider doing a dollar type set?


Why, yes - yes I would!




Looking for superb chopmarked trade dollars!







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superb to me this continental dollar would be the first dollar coin in the dollar typeset it is just as american and moreso american official than any usa fderal coin and is needed to complete a type set of usa dollar coins



i would love one but i might be only able to afford a really low grade corroded holded coin but genuine




i will have to look for one



i agree with tom b the seated would have been great with this gobrect



and this coin is graded pcgs proof 63 cameo


it is on the edge of deep cameo and also in many ways it has the looks of a higher gradec coin and the eye appeal of a gem ocin witrh just some modest hairlines in thew field keeping it from a higher grade for such a lege coin


it is the best proof 63 ui have ever seen and a one in a million pf 63


this coin would be like having a full red well struck vermontisium sun over the mountain cent that is totally original and unmolested but it has a weaker strike and a slight planchet flaw at the plow i could live with it because of all the other great thingsa about it and it adds character and just does not take away from the coins desirability or resale value or rarity

but overall does not matter to me overall in many ways the look of the coin is gem

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Beyond a doubt, the 1794 flowing hair dollar is my favorite. cloud9.gif That said, however, the starred reverse Gobrecht is unsurpassable. Combined with the no stars obverse, that Gobrecht pattern is superb. And though it may be a tad blasphemous to utter in the same pargraph, I am rather fond of Peace dollars, but they hit my "favorites" list after the Scott's bust, small eagle reverse (third place for me).



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Hoot: please note that the 1836 name on base no stars obverse, stars reverse Gobrecht is NOT a pattern, but rather a circulating coin. It comes in two alignments [coin and medal] - one for the late 1836 issue and one for the early 1837 issue.

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Thanks TDN - I really meant "pattern" in a generic sense - should have used type or subtype. Thanks for the info anyhoo. thumbsup2.gif



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