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Authentication service for coins on ebay

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Hi Connie,


Welcome to the boards! hi.gif


I have never heard of any one being able to have a coin’s authenticity checked while it’s up for auction. Once you purchase a coin it then can be sent to a third party grading firm, like NGC, to get it both graded and authenticated.


When buying “raw” coins, that’s coins that have not been slabbed by a TPG, on EBay it’s a buyer beware world you’re in. confused-smiley-013.gif


Personally I would never spend more than a few dollars on any coin from EBay that has not been authenticated and graded by third party grading firm. thumbsup2.gif

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hi there connie


welcome to the boards!!! you will enjoy it here and there are many good collectors here with knowledge integrity and extremely well seasoned


well you pose many interesting questions


the only sure thing i can tell you is that unless you know the seller personally and trust them 100% and can grade and authenticate coins yourself that you buy


THEN ONLY BUY slabbed ngc pcgs anx coins on ebay


if you cant do all of the above to a certainty


then only buy pcgs ngc anx graded coins off of ebay



as if not then let the buyer beware

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Is there a service that can check coins on ebay for authenticity?


As long as you know the seller has a return policy, this is good to have in case you would like to return the coin. Asking the seller questions, checking his feedback, asking for 3 references from other well known dealers, buying from sellers who are ANA members who carry a 30 day return policy. Contacting other ebay members and asking them about the seller. There are many safe ways to safely buy raw coins, it just helps to learn and gain some knowledge about what you're buying and getting to know who the honest sellers are. Asking questions here is a great start but you need to stick with it, too much info to degest in one forum posting. It's alot like cooking, it takes some time to learn all the ins and outs to buying coins. Using paypal can help. Understanding some of ebays safe buying rules of thumbs! If you're starting out then buy items that don't cost much, learn the ropes, go through a few transactions to see how they go. There are many more ways to learn and read about buying over the internet, you just need to do some reading, ask many questions and live and learn along the way but start out slow with cheap stuff. And see where you're at in 6 months to a year.

Good luck, Leo

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First, welcome to the boards!


There exists no such "service" as what you refer to. Perhaps more importantly, I doubt such a service could ever exist, because it is really not possible to guarantee a coin's authenticity merely from a digital image. Really, it requires examination in hand. Of course, it is often possible to determine a coin's non-authenticity, as is the case with the auction you linked. I could say with pretty high confidence that the "1875-CC Trade Dollar" you linked is fake.


The best protection is to buy from someone you know and trust.



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