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Registry Awards by Electric Peak Collection

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Double whammy.


Hi friends. Earlier this evening I was taking care of some business on-line, and thought I'd check the Registry Awards before spending some time with my wife. I had won a couple awards several years ago, so I'm in the habit of checking to see each year. Having left my wife so she can get some rest (she's fighting a cold), I wanted to put some of my thoughts out here.


First up: Thanks to the judges for recognizing what I do here. I really do appreciate it. I don't write journals with an eye on receiving the Journal Award, but I do try to write things that, as it happens, are in line with the criteria for the award. As for the coin sets, I certainly never expected to win a Best Classic Set award, since there are so many great sets in the NGC Registry!


Also: Congratulations to all the winners! But more importantly, congratulations (and thanks) to everyone who contributes here. One of the great things about our hobby is that it's not just about privately accumulating the best coins or the most coins. It's about learning and sharing information and enthusiasm with friends. While I have my particular collecting priorities, I can come here and be inspired by truly fabulous sets, learn from other members about coins of the Philippines and coins featuring women, ships, horses, etc., or follow the progress of collectors of more modest means who are fully enjoying their more humble sets. Much more could be said along these lines, and I'm sure some will.


I don't read a whole lot of numismatic literature, but am currently reading Dave Bowers' recent volume on Half Cents and Large Cents. One of the things that struck me again is the history of great friendships and camaraderie (and some not so great relationships) among collectors. Although my wife and I are not especially social creatures, I do enjoy actual face time with fellow club members, friends, and dealers when I go to the Baltimore shows. This forum is good, but direct interaction with "real" people will always be better than this impersonal realm. Human nature being what it is, I value a measure of anonymity. But human nature also drives us to engage with other people in meaningful ways.


Five years ago, after my late date large cent set won for Best Presented Set, there was an understandable surge in the number of views of that set. Half dimes don't seem to get a lot of attention these days. My hope is that the award for my Liberty Seated Half Dime set will get them some. There is just as much to enjoy about those small coins as there is about Walkers and Morgans. Indeed, because they have not been as popular as other series, I'd say there's more to enjoy about them. There still is no good reference book on seated half dimes (although Steve Crain, probably the best authority on them, has recently indicated that a book is in the works). So very few people have been looking for varieties that aren't listed in the Red Book. Thus, many interesting, and possibly rare varieties are still out there, waiting to be found. My previous journal highlighted one such find.


For combining the desire for camaraderie and information, as I have done before, I do again: Consider joining a local coin club, or one of the national specialty clubs. I'm a member of Early American Coppers and the Liberty Seated Collectors Club. The people are great, and the information available from them is great. There are other clubs for other specialties. Find the one (or more) that suits you. You'll be glad you did!


That's enough rambling for now. Again: Thanks, Congratulations, and Enjoy!





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Both of your awards are very well deserved and I couldn't agree more with the judges. In fact overall I think the judges did a fantastic job this year. Those little coins of yours are phenomenal and maybe the finest collection of half-dimes on the planet. I particularly like your luster grading scale. Also your journals gave the impression that your readers were on the quest for new half-dimes right along with you. At least, that's the impression I got. Thank you for bringing us along on the journey and congratulations on your well deserved awards!


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Ditto on everything previously stated. You know I've drooled over your awarding winning set. On a more personal note I feel I must add the help you gave me last year even though we've never met or corresponded in any way until I PM'd you for help explaining the difference in two coins I was considering purchasing. You did agree with me that the non MS coin had much better eye appeal than the higher graded coin. For others reading this I felt Alan would be the most knowledgeable on these half dimes. He quickly replied with a very clear, non condescending, straight forward answer. After learning from what he stated it was beyond clear; I was the foggy one not the auction catalog.

Enjoy your well deserved awards,


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I too have enjoyed your journals this past year, Alan, although your astronomy tie-ins have been few and far between. :) And, of course, congratulations on your top ranked classic set award!




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