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Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention Report: March 11 and 12

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March 11:


First I'd like to say that the new Baltimore house got cable internet today! Woohoo! Now about the show...


I left NJ for Baltimore last night with my mom, and we're staying at the new house, so I'm about 30 minutes outside the Inner Harbor, where the show is held. I got the show at around 9:35 (my dad had to go to work), and was greeted by TooTawl and Newsman. We chatted for a bit as the show hadn't yet opened. When I got into the show, I was impressed as to how large it was--it's my second big show (the first being the 2003 ANA in Baltimore).


My first stop was to see njcoincrank, simply because I saw him first. Right after I got there, Mark Feld came over, and it was great to see him, as I last saw him (the first time I met him) in Baltimore in 2003. I pulled out a new toned ANACS MS66 dollar to get their opinions on (both former NGC graders) whether it would cross, and I like crank's comment the best... "PCGS and NGC would be stupid to not cross this coin." I'll take the answer to my question as "yes." Mark also whipped out an NGC PF68 toned morgan that was to die for... and let me photograph it . Awesome coin!


After I parted away from Mark, I walked across the floor to see Gary Mugno at IslandCoins. As always, he had some amazing coins, and I sold him and another dealer a hefty amount (at least for me), which was my goal for the beginning of the show. Then I went looking for some buying. Andy Lustig was at the Smythe table, so it didn't take long to find something. My first pickup was a turquois obverse NGC MS65BN 1883 cent... really nice lustre, very clean. I liked it The reverse even has a bit of red.


I spent the rest of the time until lunch chatting with different forum people I saw along the way (such as newmismatist, wayne herndon, and tonekiller). I also took some pictures for newmismatist--wow does he have amazing stuff. I then found Rick Snow at Eagle Eye, and got to photograph the NGC PF67BN (electric blue) flying eagle large cent pattern from the ANR sale... WOW! Brian Wagner also stopped by and showed off a killer blue NGC PF67BN cent--WOW! :Q By then I hadn't found anything else to buy, and it became time for lunch TooTawl, Mike Dixon, newsman, and one other (really sorry, it's gotta be genetic that I forget names, as my dad is terrible, too) went to the Wharf Rat. For my birthday (tomorrow), TooTawl bought me lunch... thanks, Cliff! You're a good guy .


Back at the show, I didn't buy a ton more, but did spend some time talking with plenty of different people, such as John Kraljevich and Frank Van Valen at the ANR table. While there, David Bowers came over, and I introduced myself... he remembered that I emailed him a correction for the Judd book a few weeks ago. Dave took me across the bourse to meet Mary Counts, who knew of me as the person who found the error, the president of Whitman Publishing. We had a nice little conversation, and I was told any Whitman book was 50% off for me I bought Bowers' new US Type Red Book, which as autographed as March 12 (-1) for a happy birthday The book is glossy and I can't wait to delve in... looks like a great book!


At another stop to Texas Bullion Traders' table (I went while talking about toning with newmismatist) I was looking at an 1880-S PCGS MS65 morgan with incredible lustre and frost. I thought it was for sale, Ron thought it was for sale, and he kept telling me to buy. Ok, I liked, so I pulled out some cash. Then TBT said it wasn't for sale, just showing I still want that coin!!! Anyway, I went to Island Coins again and got a fantastic 1881-S NGC MS65 (green label holder) with some pretty color... really a PQ coin.


At the TCCS meeting, there were some incredible coins passed around--it was fun to show off, and see what others had, with lots of stories attached to each coin. The selection there was astounding... for example, GemTone65's "H" box was brought along... and it beats the [#@$%!!!] out of what I've got. Wow! The stuff passed around was phenomenal. It was too bad that Ron had to leave before show-and-tell so he could go on vacation He had some cool stuff he could have shown off.


I went to the floor for a short bit longer (about to close), and bought a 1969 proof set with some frosty coins... I'll show ksteelheader tomorrow


So far, the show's been a lot of fun--I've met a lot of people, talked for a long time, and seen some incredible stuff. My only complaint was that the tables are set up in squares, making for a lot of coner tables, and rows and aisles in both directions--that makes it hard to walk up and down without missing a LOT of tables. I still don't know if I've actually seen them all blush.gif. Flowing hair halves were few and far between, as well, and I didn't find anything in that series for me I hope to do a lot more buying tomorrow!





March 12:


Today I woke up bright and early, looking forward to another day of coin fun at the Baltimore show, and to enjoy turning 18 Yes, I'm an adult now! :Q


I got to the show before it opened, and met KSteelHeader for the first time, along with his wife and adorable granddaughter (he should post so his sig line can show her off). Since I had a surplus of money from yesterday, I decided today I really wanted a high grade type coin--something that wasn't the typical $100 or so limit that I usually have on type. I decided on a heavily clashed 3-cent nickel, although I left other options open (such as a nice 2-center or a proof of some sort). Right off the bat, I went to a table that was locked yesterday when I made it there, as they had a 2-cent piece in an NGC 65BN holder with a solid red obverse. Too bad the reverse really was ugly and brown enough to lose even the RB designation Oh, well. The next table I went to had two three-cent nickels. A PCGS MS64 with a light clash, and an NGC 65 with an unbelieveable clash, but for double the money. I said I'd think about it, and went on to meet some people, such as Mike Printz at Larry Whitlow, and Mary Sauvain, who taught my class over the summer at the Seminar in CO Springs.


Another early stop was at Texas Bullion Traders. I reminded Bryan of the dollar he showed me yesterday, and asked (well, told) him if it was for sale... I got the coin, and absolutely love it. A cameo-obverse 1880-S with immense lustre and a very clean cheek in a PCGS MS65 holder--high for the grade, and really a PQ coin... it was worth the premium over sheet, without a doubt. Bryan's a good guy, and was a lot of fun to talk with sporadically thoughout the day.


After a lot of looking, but not a lot of buying, it was time for lunch at the Wharf Rat. Luckily, Ken wrote down who went, so I don't have to remember, and thus, I don't have to leave anyone out . I'll just say that I sat at the head of the table, since it was my birthday, and Dollars, Barry, and Merc were the most active in our localized discussion. Lots of neat conversations floating around, and, surprisingly, it seems as though some coin people are actually normal (note: seems, not they truly are ). Lunch was a great fish and chips, and was on Ken today, as promised... Thanks, Ken! Definitely a fun way to spend some time with coin guys .


Back at the show, I was still on the prowl for something nice... I spent a lot of time looking, but not a ton of time buying. It actually wasn't until around 5 pm before I bought my next coin (the show ended at 7). I finally filled my type album hole with an 1835 bust quarter, ANACS F15, that's to be busted out--totally original, dark grey coin... just as I like 'em! At the same dealer, I bought an NGC MS67* 1945-D nickel... the lustre is dazzling, and the whole coin has a yellow, red, and green irridescence... really a neat looking coin. Now, I was on a role! Soon after, I saw a dealer closing down, but found an 1833 ANACS AU53 half cent with a smooth, chocolate brown planchet. The price was right, and it will replace a corroded 1835 that I've got now, albeit it's a sentimental coin that will never be let go.


Following this buying, I was asked to play messenger for a client at Andy Lustig's table. This was fun... I started by walking over 130oz. of silver (100oz + 3 10oz. bars) to get a price quote, then went back to get the rest... in total, about 150 pounds of silver bars. That was heavy! I then did another batch of silver eagles (I believe it was 298 in all) and I was done... it was fun, but it would have been nicer if the tables weren't literally on the opposite walls, in the longest direction, of the hall .


When I was done, I went on yet another run looking for type, when I found Jade Rare Coin... I had been looking for Dennis. Of course, when I found him, I saw John Dannreuther walk by--someone (I can't remember who blush.gif) told me John had a nice flowing hair half, so I flagged him down and was able to take a peak... really original coin, but a little more than what I wanted to pay. On the other hand, John Kraljevich walked over at the same time, and the two began discussing gold die varieites. Wow! Although I didn't really know what they were talking about, it was amazing to see how in depth the John's had researched everything they were discussing, and it was fascinating to see John D.'s notes about gold. Their enthusiasm was also unmistakable. As always, a pleasure to see them both.


Finally, I got to the end. I looked through every three cent nickel in the show in 65 and below. No really strong clashes, and nothing super eye catching. Except for one. And that was the coin I said when the show opened I'd think about. I went back, and looked at the two, the 64 and 65 side-by-side again. The 65 really did have just exceptional lustre, a completely clean cheek, and more mark-free surfaces... it was a blazer. I had talked to Julian Liedman earlier in the day, and he said that if I see one with the clashes I like, I might not find another like it--I'm glad I spoke to Julian, as his words were with me when I looked at that coin. It really was exactly what I wanted. So I took the plunge. It was my birthday, and with the gifts of my parents, grandparents, and myself, I made that coin mine... and I love it. The wreath is impressed on the obverse at least 3 times, and Liberty is sharply struck on the reverse. Was it expensive? Yup... but it's a coin I really wanted, and it was worth it. I showed the coin to Julian, and he seemed to agree... I really owe him for the advice of buying the coin--maybe one day I'd find one in a 64 holder, but I don't have to worry about that now.


Before I left, I talked a bit more with John Kraljevich, and also hung out at Wayne Herndon's table, where TBT was, as well, and had a nice little conversation. For me, the show was a real winner--I ended up with a ton of great new stuff, and met a lot of new people (and saw some whom I hadn't seen for months/years). I left and went out for dinner with my parents... a happy birthday indeed



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That's some great show report! Happy birthday, and thanks for sharing your experiences. When you have a chance, I'd love to see the 1880-S Morgan and 1945-D nickel. They sound superb.




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Excellent show report Jeremy! I’m glad you had such a good time, as this was a special Birthday show for you after all! grin.gif


It sounds like you picked up some real nice coins. Will you be bringing them to the next Parsippany show so I can get a close up look at them? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


Happy Birthday buddy! thumbsup2.gif



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To all: Thanks for the b-day wishes, and I'll be doing my best to have these photographed within the next few days... I'm going to be busy, though frown.gif




I absolutely will be bringing these puppies along smile.gif Make sure you have a loupe for the 3CN... the die clash looks awesome with the naked eye, but wait until you magnify it! 893whatthe.gif



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