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a gem massachusetts state copper 1787 half cent

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massachusetts produced halfcents and cents in 1787-1788 and these coins were one the best MADE of all the colonial copper coinage of the original thirteen colonies and of the most uniform weight


and i think 893scratchchin-thumb.gif one of the only state colonial copper coins of the 1780's to have the demonination included in the coins design


in particiular the first issue 1787 half cents have the magical 1787 date found on many colonials especially so the fugio cents thumbsup2.gif893applaud-thumb.gifthumbsup2.gifit would be great to put a set together of all the different colonial coins that have the date 1787 and within the budget thumbsup2.gif of many and also the coins are available cloud9.gif


the indian appears on the obverse of the 1787 half cent and this goes back to the late 1690's where the commonwealth of mass. issued paper currency with this same indian design on the notes and this indian also appreas on the state seal of mass. this represents the new world the american colonies ***america*** and to any that saw this representation of the indian with the long bow in one hand and arrow in another this meant the american new world colonies


the reverse features the heraldic eagle with a bundle of arrows in one claw and an olive branch in another which was copied by the early federal mint silver coinage


the mass. half cents of 1787 are most important as they are the FIRST COIN TO HAVE THE WORD cent ON A COIN MADE WITHIN THE UNITED STATES


they were never moneytiezed by the state so they were never redeemable in fact NO STATE coppers were legal tender


the 1787 mass. halfcents circulated in mass. and circulated till the 1840's and later in their circulating lives most probably circulated and were accepted in the rural mass. countryside


the coins are really historical as they where struck in boston and it cost the state more than one cent to make these half cents


the 1787 mass half cent is for all intensive purposes the FIRST HALF CENT ISSUED and should be in every half cent collection with the 1793 the next coin in line


this particiular 1787 halfcent in the image is superb with great luster and fully struck with none of the usual weakness of strike in the central designs on both sides which are the highest points of the coin there are no planchet problems or planchet voids and no porosity or corrosion the coin has never been played with or oiled and is a totally original gem coin

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a wild guesstimate is that this first struck mass half cent from fresh dies was specially made and was a presentation piece that someone saved


the mass. state was late in setting up the mint to strike these coins so they where struck not until 1788 again in boston and i would guesstimate that 60,000 where struck of this date and theses coins again were well circulated most likely within the borders of mass. and well into the 1840's in the rural countryside


a truly historical and unique coin of colonial america with the magical 1787 date and it looks more like a federal issue coin than many philly mint produced coins


many times more scarce than the fugio cents of 1787 and there where no hoards of unc coins like the fugio cents yet the mass half cents are priced LESS


the 1787 halfcent looks more like a federal issue coin than many philly mint produced coins

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Great post, Michael. Lots of information and obvious study on your part of the subject. I really enjoyed reading it. 893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif

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This is a superb post, Michael! You never cease to amaze me with the insigtful information that you can impart and the breadth and depth of your knowledge. I hope to be up to your speed as a numismatist some day and if I keep communicating with you, perhaps you'll teach me what I need to know!!! thumbsup2.gif Hoot


Here is the excellent coin you posted:



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By the way, do you know who the person was who implemented the idea for this to be denominated "cent"? I'd like to know who the early advocates were of the decimal system of coinage.


On another note, I received my Breen Encyclopedia of Early U.S. Cents today. Boy do I have a lot to learn. foreheadslap.gif



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Michael it amazes me to see a coin over 200 years old that looks as if it was minted yesterday. Beautiful example. We are blessed to have a numismatist with your knowledge to learn from. cloud9.gifgrin.gifflowerred.gif

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thansk everyone cloud9.gif you all give me too much credit


my writing and wordage is terrible and you can all go on the web and find out all tyhe information i posted on here in a matter of days


hoot i really do not know but it is a great fantastic question i have never heard an explaination as such this would be great and your question is the best and most important i have ever heard concerning the mass copper coinage i would myself love an answer hail.gif


actually it is highly unusual 893whatthe.gif for mass to put the decimal system on the coins with fractional parts of a dollar as most all of the current circulating money in mass at the time was based on the british pound sterling 893whatthe.gif

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oh and these coins where struck on a screw press by human strength


and usually most all are not as deeply impressed in the centers (which happen to be the highest points of the coin)

like his coin


also this coin is the ryder 4-c the most common of the varities





Obv: circular line connects the bottom of the bow with the Indian's right boot


Rev: single line beneath eagle, small die line connects the tops of the 1 and the 7

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Excellent post, thank you flowerred.gif


you can all go on the web and find out all the information i posted on here in a matter of days


who has days, I would rather just read it all in one post from you grin.gifthumbsup2.gif

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