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New Website -- ATCOINS.COM -- Just added Forums -- Need Links!

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UPDATED -- AT Forums Added -- Need Numismatic Links & Dealer Links


To make the site slightly more interactive I added a Forum page dealing with solely AT issues.


There are 3 seperate forums --- AT Questions? Ebay? and The Science of Toning. The AT Questions forum is for people who are curious whether their coin is AT and for general AT/NT questions. The Ebay forum is for people who are thinking about buying a coin off Ebay and might be wondering if that specific coin is AT or NT. And finally the The Science of toning is for anyone that wants to share some knowledge about the toning process with the rest of the community.


I also added a Links page with seperate categories for Numismatic Societies, TPGs and Dealers.


Any dealers that want to list their site either with a link or banner ad, please PM me and I'll post it on the site.


Eventually I plan on advertising the site once & if, it is well received by the community. I want to generate hits thru advertising the website through listings on Ebay as well as search engines and hopefully direct advertising in different coin related periodicals.





Okay -- so I finally started it. A website devoted to the study and identification of AT coins. I was finally able to take some pics and with godaddy.com got the name registered and the site partial built.


ATCOINS.COM -- Artificial Toning Website


It's not fancy, but its kinda kool. Very easy to build right online. It's almost mistake proof. And it was relatively inexpensive -- couple of hundred. I think I'm definitely going to do another just for my regular collection.


So take a look at it so far and give me your best criticism.


Also if you want to volunteer I could use the following and you would get credit for the help, if you want it --


(1) a list of toning definitions

(2) a brief explanation of the toning process and how it occurs

(3) tell-tale signs of AT coins ie, colors, spotting, crackling ect.

(4) more coins that have been BB by either PCGS or NGC.


I decided against the whole submitting the coins myself idea, way too much work and $$$. But if you have coins that have been BB for toning and if you want me to add pics to the site send them off and they'll go up.


And now best of all -----


IF YOU DONATED COINS -- please let me know so I can send them back. My computer crashed and I am unable to match coins to owners. The list on my computer was lost. Sorry.




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Thanks to TomB -- just added my first article about toning --


Tom was nice enough to let me use an article from his website. I'll continue to post new articles every month or so and develop a article database along with links to contributing writers/editors.



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saw it yesterday and a good site that is really of benefit to the collector community at large i hope thst ngc can keep this thread at the top of the page for 6 months


it might help others and save them some monry by teaching and steering away from AT coins


i have seen too many starting collectors get burned


not good for the hobby

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Thanks for all the great comments. If anyone wants to help, let me know.


Any help would be aapreciated -- it could be as easy as putting together a list of numismatic links to other websites.


I'm always looking for content/articles to add as well.


Hopefully it will grow and really become a valuable resource.




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