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Reverse Proofs in Presidential sets? posted by namvette68

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After 36 coins the Mint does this


Reverse proofs do not belong in the Presidential Dollar Proof Set. They are a variety, and should have their own category. Trying to get a set now will be next to impossible. Collecting is supposed to be fun and relaxing, not cost prohibitive. I can see the Sacagawea set getting the same treatment after all these years. The Silver Eagle sets needed milleneum coons and others, now they are gone. Please take reverse proof and make them another category.


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Has the mint even sold these reverse proofs yet? I saw the new addition to our set and looked for a mint release date but could not find it.


Getting a couple fresh sets and sending them in would be the only way I would add these reverse coins. The dealers high prices would be staggering!!

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I, too, was shocked to see the addition of the President Reverse being added.


I went to the U.S. Mint Internet site, which has been a few weeks now, and it is noted that this coin is "sold out.'


I did, however, "put my name on the list" to be notified in the future when the coin will be available again for sale. As paranoid as I am, I wonder if these newer releases are only "returns" of the original issue. I truly hope not but, if so, a high grade could never be achieved.


A visit to the NGC Price Guide shows the "value" of these specific Reverse coins. WAY out of my price range, if the noted pricing is a true reflection.


IMHO, to continue my Presidents' #1 listing, PROOF 70s only collection, and to receive my yearly award certificate, I would have to sell my entire collection, twice, just to get a PROOF 70 specimen of this Reverse coin.


Ok, I am off of my slippery soap box.


I hope all find some fun and adventures in their coin collecting.



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Best thing to do is to contact the Collectors Society by clicking on the contact tab and summit a complaint to ask to remove the reverse proof coins from the proof Presidential registry set and give them their own special registry set, for example: " Coin and Chronicles set "

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The reverse proof and gold Kennedy coin are included in the Kennedy proof sets so by that logic NGC would put the reverse proof President coins in the President set.


Prices always start sky high and with a few exceptions, lower over time. The Kennedy reverse proof has the highest potential to stay high priced. IMO


I understand the desire to have a #1 set and I have a few but I sure wish now that 10 years ago I would have spent my money not filling spots with 70 coins but buying the population 1 or 2 coins that I missed out on because I told myself that I will never be able to afford that coin. Not much has changed financially for me, but my attitude has.


I stifled myself with my attitude even though I was told to, "Buy the keys first". My excitement to get the next coin kept me from saving any substantial amount of money.


Patience is the lesson I learned and I would say I am failing at it still.


Does anyone know the mintage numbers they have planned for the reverse proof?

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