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MS63 1902-O Morgan bid $2700 (why)

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I learned my lesson a long time ago on Ebay, there was a time that if I wanted a particular coin, I would wait till it was just about to go off, you know last few seconds and then post my bid, now if I really wanted the coin I would bid a ridiculous amount just to be a winner! The time I am talking about is about 3 or 4 years ago, a morgan was going off at a small bid of somewhere in the $30 dollar range, I felt the coin was worth at least a hundred, so dummy me I waited till the last few seconds left, with about 5 seconds left I post my bid of $200, thought no one would bid that much, not even crossing my mind that there might be another dummy doing the same thing! Well I imediately refressed the page to see if I had got the coin hoping it went off at about 40 bucks, HA the winning bid was $780, WOW, I looked at the bidder list and 2 other fools had just taught me a fine lesson both of them had bid a rediculous amount at the last second, (a lot more rediculous than my bid), without time to retract the bid and the winner of this fine hundred dollar morgan was without dought very proud owner, from then on I have never bid twice as much or any rediculous amount again, never know when there are 2 dummies lurking in the field! takeit.gif

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From the bid history and retracting bidder's feedback, it's pretty clear the bidder meant to enter "28.00" and failed to type the decimal. The bidder recognized the mistake half an hour later, retracted the erroneous bid (legitimately), and corrected the bid immediately after that.


Watching Forensic Files a lot,

Det. Beijim


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