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America The Beautiful Quarters

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Hit or Miss?


I was at work yesterday breaking down a box of quarters. I always like to look at which coins are at the ends of the rolls, really identifying with the State Quarters, because the Florida quarter is what got me started in coin collecting.


As I looked at them, I realized how many of the ATB designs I didn't recognize and couldn't match to the state by the design. For me, that is really MY problem with the series. There is not a cohesive element to it. When it came out, I thought there was going to be a landscape element to it, but the designs are all over the place: Saratoga has a hand relinquishing a sword to another hand, there is a statue of a man, etc...


Working in a bank during both the State Quarter and ATB programs, I remember that so many people were coming in asking whether the next state had come out that I printed the mint's production schedule from their website to hand out to people. I can't recall a single person asking me about the ATB quarters.


For me, I really hope this is the end of circulating commemorative coinage. What are your thoughts?





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The State Quarter program was a fun one indeed!! My children even got involved building their own set. The Parks program is just not hitting the enjoyment nerve and I hope the mint realizes that there are far too many coins in the mint sets and proof sets these days and drops down below 14 or so. Heck they cry that coinage cost more than it is worth to make and then they make twice as many different pieces for the mint set.

Go Figure



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