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graded bullion coins. are they worth more????

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ok friends, i need some help....


i went to my local dealer inquiring about bullion silver coins that were certified.

i asked him are they more valueable. his reply was NO!! bullion coins are

only worth there weight. anyone can certify a coin, even i can do it for you

and it would not increase the value because these coins are still being



ok people, i love proof coinage. and as long as it, or any, is part of my personal

collection, its valuable to me. because its mine!!!


however, i do need quality feed back from fellow collectors.


so, is a bullion silver coin that is currently being minted have more value if it is



to me it has more value!!!! and my local dealer, I THINK HE'S TRYING TO

SHAFT ME, AND WON'T GET ANY OF MY BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I think the dealer is trying to scam you. If you ask any bullion collector, any REAL bullion collector they will say slabbed and graded (by a respectable grading company) bullion is more valuable. Ask anyone if they would pay more for an MS70 bullion coin graded by a grading company, or an MS70 coin from Hillbillly Bob's coin shop. 99.99% will say certified.

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I think the truth lies somewhere in between. Certified bullion coins are not worth the same exact amount as uncertified coins, but having them certified does not significantly enhance their value either. The fact remains that bullion coins are generally produced with a higher level of quality by the mint than typical coins for circulation. So there can be tremendous value among modern collectors for a business strike state quarter or Kennedy, or Sacagawea that makes an MS-68 or MS-69. But I would guess that all of the coins in my roll of 2003 silver eagles are between MS-68 and MS-70, and that's probably true of most of these coins, so the slabbing of these coins doesn't add a whole lot. Look at the prices that many of these coins sell for, often you can buy certified silver and gold eagles for a very small premium over the price of the coin raw. My final point is that the coin vault on the home shopping channel routinely sells certified MS-69 and MS-70 NGC eagles, suggesting that if they are selling there, they probably aren't that valuable.

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I guess you would have to define what you mean by more value or how much more. There are a great many coin dealers out there who will not pay more than spot price ( or less ) for a modern bullion coin - slabbed or unslabbed. And there are a great many collectors who feel that modern bullion coins have no numismatic value at all above their intrinsic value.


But if you look at the ebay or other auction sites - or the dealers who specialize in selling slabbed bullion coins - you can easily find these coins selling for multiples of the intrinsic value. So the buyers must think they have more value.


But expecting to sell slabbed modern bullion coins to a dealer ? - not likely. It's far easier and more profitable for them to make their own via grading submissions.


So if you wish sell some of your coins - do it on ebay. You won't have much if any luck selling them to dealers.

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for me it is all about the coin not the holder


ask yourself these questions


what is this coin worth to me in the holder???


if i break this bullion coin out of its respective holder what is the coin worth out of its holder raw to you?


if the price is greatly different between the same coin out of its holder and in its holder well then............


then you have some more information in which to make a better informed decision for yourself


but in the end when all is said and done it is your decision


coins is a personal thing i hope you do what makes YOU HAPPY!!!!!!!!


sincerely michael




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Bullion coins are usually available in high grades because of the way they are struck, especially the proof bullion coins. There is a small market that will pay a premium for the highest graded coins, but the market is very narrow, and general acceptance of the coins having more than bullion value has not happened. They are minted in numbers high enough that low mintages are not a factor.


The value of having a certified bullion piece is that you have a coin encapsuled in a holder that will keep it from potentially getting damaged, or (if you prefer untoned coins), from toning any more than it already has.


Look closely though at the prices you see. Example, 1998 $10 platinum coins trade for $90 raw or $800+ in certified MS-69. I can tell you from experience that the raw $90 is the better bargain, and that the $800 price will drop in the future.

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