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Things to get from my bank? Newbie

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My first post! I am a few months into coin collecting, and have a basic question about scores from my bank. I bank at a large branch in downtown Chicago. They have been getting Ike dollars in. Should I grab all I can? Seems to be little downside, but not sure if it's worth the effort.


Also, what else should/could I ask the tellers to look for me? They offered up unc $2 bills, and get UNC coins in a clear shrink wrap.


Many thanks for the advice.

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Welcome to the Board!


(Gee, I'm a bit surprised that any bank still has Ike dollars left in their inventory!)


You might see if the dealers in your area are paying enough of a premium for Ike dollars to make it worth your while to get them and sell them.


You might also want to go through their half dollars to pick out the silver (90% and 40%) ones - figuring out what to do with the leftovers can be a problem, though.

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The Ikes are circulated.


I can get uncirculated state quarters, nickels, and $2 bills (other bills too, I assume)


I am also buying higher quality slabbed coins, fyi, but do you guys think this would be a fun, inexpencive aspect of collecting?


Should I slowly secure the Ikes, uncirc quarters and nickels? Anything else a bank gets?


Again, many thanks.

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LA , ditto on the welcome!


go through their half dollars..........figuring out what to do with the leftovers can be a problem, though.


Every two weeks or so, I order $500 boxes of halves from the FRB through my bank, and I've had moderate success going through them. Out of the last 5 boxes I've found 4 - 90% (two Franklins and two '64 Kennedys), about 200 - 40% ('65-'70), 2 - double dies, 24 - Bicentennials that would grade MS64/65 and 3 - clad proofs.


My bank always takes the rest back without any qualms, but I make it a habit of checking the count very carefully, re-rolling them and putting them back into the FRB box. I don't advise putting the loose coins into one of those tamper-evident, plastic bags that your bank will forward to the FRB for them to count. I've found that they aren't too accurate with your money and it takes too long (a couple weeks) to get the credit posted to your account.


Personally, I would shy away from asking a teller to set aside "finds" for me. Their manager may not like it, and they may get into trouble if they should come up short in the daily accounting. It doesn't take much of a shortage to "lock everyone down" during an FBI check. Anyway, it might be best to feel out the manager, first, and go from there. If you've banked with them for a long time and/or you have established a rapport with them, it might make things easier.


Good luck and have fun!



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