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GTG: 1878 Morgan (GRADE REVEALED) + 1925 Peace (in handc pics+desc. added)

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Just 2 small coins i won over the weekend.

nothing of great value but i thought the prices were too good to pass on..

these below are seller's pics

what do you think?


thanks for looking!


1925 peace dollar, RAW. (eBay, $19.00)







1878 Morgan dollar, 7/8TF (weak), Graded by ANACS





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I'll go 62 on the Morgan......The Peace no idea.....I'll "WAG" ( Wild A_S Guess) at AU detail....It will be interesting to see the experts comment. Looks like it may have hairlines from improper cleaning years ago before it toned again.

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I'll go MS-62 on the Morgan. It's Mint State, but the cheek as got many, many marks


The Peace Dollar has a sharpness grade of AU, but there might be some bad stuff hiding under the toning. There are also some rim marks at a little below 9 o'clock on the reverse. I've seen these sort of marks on Peace Dollars many times. Maybe they came from some sort of counting machine.

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On the morgan - most guesses were correct. It is graded ANACS MS62, and I think it is right where it should be.



The peace dollar (not to spam, but I am going to be listing this coin on eBay rather than return it), but I got the peace dollar today and snapped a couple of pics on my iphone. This was going to go in my silver dollars Dansco album, but the fingerprint on it personally bothers me a lot.

The last pic shows the TINY rim damage that is around 9:00 o'clock on the reverse.

The coin might have been cleaned (at least the reverse) and re-toned. Hard to tell what's under the toning. There's also a fingerprint on the obverse (4:00-5:00 o'clock).


I Still think it is a neat coin for the price paid. Thanks everybody for the comments!









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Fingerprints don't bother me at all on circulated coins. That's where they belong!


The Peace looks like it was cleaned and retoned in the past. There are hairlines most clearly evident on the reverse above the eagle. I'd grade it AU details, and it seems attractive for what it is.

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