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Who also collects medal's and ephemera?

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Most of you know I'm a fan of the early classic commemorative series. Not only the coins, but medals and ephemera associated with them.


Please post your medals or ephemera.








. . . Reading over this report I note with some amusement that no mention was made of the one act of your officers taken without any sanctions. Reference is had to the commemorative bronze medal that is being struck. The design is well shown by two photographs which I have here, and which may be examined at your leisure (see below-LG) The two faces of the medal commemorate, respectively, the Battle of Bennington and the foundation of the Commonwealth. The Green Mountain Boy with his coonskin cap and firelock poised, symbolizes the very spirit of Vermont. In the background is the old Stars and Stripes flag that, according to Nathaniel Fillmore, was carried at the Battle of Bennington. That old flag, now at Bennington, is beyond any question at all the oldest Stars and Stripes flag in existence. I have a small colored pictured of it here. (No picture available.-LG) There is not much room for doubt that this is the actual first Stars and Stripes raised against the enemy.


Mr. Keck agreed to make the design and model of this medal for us without charge. Taking certain basic sketches which I furnished him, he worked them up into a design of great artistic merit.







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I have a very large collection of tokens and medals. Many of them are 19th century presidential campaign tokens that are listed in the DeWitt and Sullivan books. I also have a fair number of U.S. medals that listed in Julian. My computer is on the fritz right now, so I can't post pictures.


It's funny that you should post the Bennington Battle medal. I've been looking for that piece for about three years. I have only seen one offered for sale, but it had green corrosion spots, so I had to pass. I'd love to find a nice one, but so far it's proven to be rarer than some of the pieces I do have which estimated populations of 50 or fewer examples.



Jumping through some hoops, here is a Libertas Americana medal that I have had for many years.



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Thanks all for adding some content here. All medals shown are very nice!


Bill, I got the Vermont Medal off eBay during December, 2014.


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