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In Honor of Hoot.....may I present a buffalo nickel???

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I decided it was time to own a Buffalo nickel since I don't even have a circulated one in my collection. I thought I would jump in head first with this purdy little doggy...I mean Buffalo hi.gif



So this Buff's for you Hoot!!!!!! headbang.gif

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Woo Wee! What a Buuuuuuffffeeeeeeeeeeelllllllooooooooooo! But it's jom and Wihlborg who deserves these honors. They are the great aficionados of toned buffs. jom makes 'em and Wihlborg collects 'em. wink.gif


All kidding aside, the two of them have true monster toners in their collections. I'm a strike fanatic - but thanks for the sentiment smile.gif.


And I like the strike on that beastie - it's 98% there on the reverse. The obverse is >90% there. A really excellent find with the superlative color. cloud9.gif


Now, truthteller, how did you make that one? 893whatthe.gif



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Nice coin, KC. smile.gif I think that in honor of Hoot you should send him some ripe buffalo chips! 893scratchchin-thumb.gifthumbsup2.gif




I don't know whee any farms are around here sign-funnypost.gif


Go to your nearby grocery store about 3:00am. When the milk delivery truck leaves, follow it to the pasteurizing and bottling plant. When a tanker truck leaves the plant, follow it to the storage tank at a farm. When the farmer leaves the storage tank, follow him to the barn. Then, follow your nose! thumbsup2.gif


Chris 27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gifyay.gifyay.gifyay.gifyay.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif

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That's a lot of driving......can't I just go ito my backyard after I let the dogs out????




Don't think so - ya see, Hoot KNOWS genuine buffalo chips when he sees 'em, let alone smells 'em poke2.gif


Gorgeous coin 893applaud-thumb.gif

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Man I hope I saved that image to my hard drive so I can repost it foreheadslap.gif


If you were a fencer, you could simply do a parry riposte.






Surely you joust. poke2.gif



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