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Are the NGC grades on these two dimes consistent?

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Hi James,


I would say no, exhibit A has more detail of the sticks surrounding the axe handle, and a little more detail in the wing on the obverse. Exhibit A is also toned a little darker which I think makes it look better too and a lower bid right now. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

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The Philly coin is a much better strike and appears to have even wear that's consistent for the grade. It's an appealing coin since it does not look at all impaired, nor does it look like it's been cleaned (mildly or not).


The Denver coin is weakly struck. I always look at weak strikes on circulated coins from the viewpoint that the weak strike left the coin flat on the high points and the subsequent wear still reflects that initial flatness. A well-struck circulated coin will have more contour to it. This coin also looks like it got knocked around a bit more than the Philly coin, as there are many more marks in the field. It's also been cleaned - probably mildly - but evident by the appearance that is not gray enough for a coin of that circulated condition. Does it stack up to a VF35? I don't think so.


I tried to grade both coins based on the merits that I see from the scans. I graded the first one VF35 and the second one F15-20, even accepting the weak strike and the impairment. The Denver piece would not be one I'd ever consider, while the Philly piece would go great in my circ Merc album. smile.gif



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Banknote1, you hit upon my point exactly. These are apples and oranges, but the point of slabs is to turn everything into apples (or oranges, depending on which you prefer). I just don't think that coins which look 10 points different should receive the same grades, whether that difference is due to wear or strike.


The Denver coin looks VF-25 at best to me!



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A. Appears to be consistent with what I would expect for the grade. B. On the other hand, I would pass on. I`d give it a VG 10 maybe ? screwy.gif


Agreement with this post.


To obtain the Fine grade the two diagonal bands are suppose to be complete. They can be weak but complete. B does not show this. Also some have mentioned the strike between the different mints. On a circulated coin this should not enter into the grading scheme IMO. Coin B appears to have had a pretty nice strike before all of the wear. Look how high the middle band area still is.


As far as NGC not being consistant, well all of the TPG's seem to do the same thing with these Key Dates within the Merc series.



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