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No conservation processes performed.

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On invoice form 5076435 Dealer # CS007761 Out of a total of 15 pieces on this submission form, only three pieces had any conservency procedures applied. The remainder (12) were handed off to NGC for grading. I was under the impression that NCS would perform conservency procedures on all items submitted, in order to assure the best possible eye appeal. Regardless of the submitted pieces already possessing GEM appearance, I was assured NCS would be able to improve this quality further,(ie) tiny brown and black spots,small streaks tiny bits of foreign crud etc. But you didn't even try!!!! I gave you payment carte blance and high market valuations intentionally. So that you would feel comfortable pulling out all the stops regarding the overall costs to the submitter. But you just handed them over "as is" to NGC. I am very unhappy about this. I could have just submitted these items to NGC myself. Saved both of us the paperwork and extra handling. Please inform me as to why NCS took this "no action" with my correctly submitted pieces. Thank you for kind consideration.

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There are many times a coin may not be conserved. The reasons can be varied and sometimes difficult to discuss in general without referring to a specific coin, but I can describe a few of the major reasons.


Frequently coins that are previously certified will not be conserved when the evaluators feel there is a risk the current grade will not be maintained through conservation. This could be either the coin will not cross as it is, or if it is felt that conservation will reveal problems to cause it to grade lower after work. In some cases a submitter can elect to have the grade protection benefit waived. If this grade protection benefit is waived, then the coin will be conserved and regraded regardless of the final outcome.


Occurring with both certified and raw coins is the state of originality in a piece. If a coin possesses a very original look without the evidence of improper storage or handling in the past, the evaluators at NCS then consider the potential outcome. It is a careful balance between the original look the coin currently possesses, the look after the conservation, and both the severity and activity of the potential surface problems (such as spots) that will determine whether or not a coin will be conserved.


A third major reason a coin may not be conserved occurring most often with coins submitted raw is when a piece does show signs of past improper handling or storage. The NCS evaluators look at coins that may have been improperly cleaned or otherwise damaged and consider how the coin will look after the conservation. If there are active residues or contaminants such as PVC on the surface of a coin, we will conserve those coins. Conservation will unfortunately not be able to reverse the effects of the improper handling in the past. The coin will still be improperly cleaned or otherwise damaged. Frequently, however, if the conservation issue is not an active residue (such as toning), a coin will not be conserved. In cases where the coin does not have an active surface detriment, the NCS evaluators consider how the coin will look after conservation. If it is deemed the appearance of the coin is better as is rather than conserved, the coin will not be conserved. If conservation will likely accentuate the surface problem, that coin will not be conserved.


When a coin is not conserved, it is frequently a combination of the above reasons. I would encourage any submitter to note any special requests on either the submission form or a separate note when submitting their coins. Also, feel free to contact NCS Customer Service directly with any specific concerns you may have regarding your coins before, during, or after the conservation process. NCS Customer Service can be contacted either trough email at ncshelp@ncscoin.com or toll free at 866-627-2646.


Chris, NCS

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