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To an extent, pictures don't lie!

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Just how simple could it get? All a TGS needs to do is post a picture of a fully struck coin for any denomination and series on their website and that's the guideline to follow for any coin that wants to be graded ms65 and higher! Woohoo

Macro photography could be used to show close-up shots of those problem areas on any particular coin. We could have pictures representing both sides of the coin, so to speak, pictures of what a coin looks like with weak strikes in comparison to those coins that are fully struck! With a little more effort with photography and implementing a new tier of grading full strike coins, this idea could open up a whole new ballgame in revenues, pop reports and renew collecting interests among many coin collectors. Too Happy 1

Are you ready for this? Hold on to your horses! Here we go! We Are Not Worthy

Jefferson nickels is a perfect example to illustrate my point! makepoint.gif

The following pictures are of the areas that need to be fully struck for your coin to qualify for the certification of grades MS65 and above!




The heck with pictures! You all know what I'm talking about!! Hello



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This is a good idea. It would be educational and useful as a guide, but still imited by pixel technology, no matter how you look at it. There's simply no substitute for that old hands-on-over-time, up-close-and-personal experience.



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