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Just received some more grading results........

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Sent in a 3 legged buffalo that came back xf/45, I thought it was a choice vf smile.gif A grouping of attractively toned bust half dimes:

au/55, au/58 and two bags. One bag for being cleaned ( I agree, and know which coin this one is, but tossed it in with it's brothers and sisters), and one for being bent, which I'll have to take another look at, and if it is indeed bent, I'll assume ngc is correct on this one, I'll kick myself for not noticing, although half dimes and trimes can be tough with that sort of thing. The two that graded came back where I thought all of them would come back as.

My 1863-s half dime came back ms/62. I think this coin has a repunched mintmark, and will be showing it to Stephen Crain at some point and get his opinion on it. I really like this coin, and may keep it for myself. I'll decide once I get all the coins back.

Still waiting on a truckload (dozen or so) of buffalo nickels to come back. I sent this submission in on 1/27 and figure to get them back early next week.

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Found the half dimes at a local show. A collector sold off his partial collection to a dealer, and I was next in line laugh.gif

Actually, the dealer picked up the coins and knew I liked half dimes, and waited for me to get first shot at them. It was very nice of him. The buffalo's were mostly picked up raw from a couple of different sources, locally. I'm not a big raw coin hunter at my local shows. Not enough time to sort through the mostly overgraded/problem stuff for the occasional gem. I do have a couple of local dealers that will give me a hollar when they pick up some decent buffalo's though.

Recently I passed on a group of 1916's, all from an original roll (supposedly), they all came back ms/65........I goofed. I didn't think the bulk of them were good enough. They were priced reasonably too. Next time. smile.gif

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