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Hoot's Nickel Mania and More bites the dust

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I used my eBay store as a convenience for a while - I liked the categories and convenient reference for it.


Alas, with the price increases of this February - a 60% increase! - I decided that convenience was not worth the price! mad.gif


eBay fees are absurd. I am lucky, overall, to break even on eBay, as I sell as a collector and not a dealer. Cycling through my collection changes is all that my eBay sales amount to.


So, Hoot's takes a dive into memory... laugh.gif


Anyone else disgusted with the new terms of eBay?



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The Ebay Store fee increases are very steep. A lot of "casual sellers" are going to have to make decisions, monetarily, as to whether or not an Ebay Store is worth the cost.


I've tossed around the idea of using an Ebay Store for quite some time, and never getting around to pulling the trigger on doing so.


I won't bother at this point. It's bad enough that anything even remotely "generic" isn't worth listing on Ebay any longer, and most items can be sold at shows for similar money with much less aggravation.


I've always speculated on using Ebay less and less, and although the number of items I list has actually increased, percentage wise, in relation to my inventory, I've cut down considerably. The only time I add more listings than normal is when I have a 2 week lull in shows.

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I had planned on opening an eBay store to list some of my better world coins that I am in no hurry to sell and don't want to risk putting in a no reserve auction. The increase from $9.95 to $15.95 a month on fees sucks, but I could have accepted it had the Final Value fees not gone up from 3% to 8% at the same time. I just cannot easily accept paying 8% in fees to sell on eBay. After that 8% I'm going to get hit for another 3% for PayPal fees and it'll be cheaper to sell in a national auction where I can get 105% of hammer and I don't have to do any work.


If store items came up in searches, I'd be more inclined to open one. The way it is now, there is no traffic unless you also list auctions.


As it is, 2c to list an item in a store is a bargain since you can have it listed for several months, but at 11% total for selling, I cannot afford to list items that will sell for $250 and be stuck with a $28 selling fee. They should have raised the fee to insert items into a store instead of raping you when one sells.


I noticed that they have reduced the insertion fee (from 30c to 25c) on auctions that start under 99c. This is a start, but I still feel that I am being nickel & dimed to death by them. That's exactly what I told them in the recent survey they sent me.


I still may try an eBay store for a couple of months and see how things go. However, unless it well exceeds my expectations, I cannot envision keeping it for a long time. I'd just assume use my eBay sales and About Me page to drive people to my web site and list the items there.

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