Free Counterfeit Detection, Grading, & Surface Alterations Articles Available.

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I have posted PDF files of many of my articles from The Numismatist on Counterfeit Detection, Coin Grading, Problem and Altered Coins for free download. Previously, these were only available by email, but to simplify the process and make it available to any collector who has in interest in counterfeit detection, these articles are now available on my website.


The articles cover a wide range of useful authentication skills and methods including magnification, specific gravity, and different tips for spotting fakes and alterations. The columns also highlight many different genuine and counterfeit coins. These articles were originally published in The Numismatist and I have made them available on my website for free download for my former ANA Seminar students and other interested collectors.


These columns were published between 2007 and 2012. I will try to add the articles and columns written from 1998 to 2007 at a later date.


To see if any of these articles may be useful to you, visit


I also highly recommend joining the ANA, as The Numismatist still offers a very good Counterfeit Detection column each month. The ANA's library is probably one of the best benefits of membership. Even the most knowledgeable numismatists use it frequently if not depend on it.


Enjoy them!

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You're welcome.


Actually I have been on the boards for a long time. Probably, shortly after I started working for NCS and NGC back in 2001, but used a different user name and didn't post often.


Now that I have gone back in to business for myself...have to start all over on the forums.



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