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1903 P Morgan

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Hello everyone. I recently got this coin from a friend. At first glance i thought it was cleaned but after looking at it closer i noticed mirror like fields underneath all the crud on the obverse. It appears to be either proof or proof-like but I am no expert. The mirror like fields on the reverse seem to be more prominent than the obverse. Please could someone help me out on this coin? i was wondering grade too. I took the best pictures i could, i know they're not the best. Thank you for your time and consideration.


- Peter












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Could also be Easter Weekend.


However you are correct that the photos make it hard to come to a conclusion - from what I can see so far it looks like a patchy retoning from a dip and improper rinse but as I said, those photos make it really hard to tell any more.


Possibly some others will finish Easter egg hunting and weigh in. ;)





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I was one of those that viewed it and didn't offer an opinion. It was the pictures. Plus with the splotchy toning, IMO, the only way to accurately grade that coin would be in-hand.

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Thanks everyone for your input. The only thing throwing me off now about this coin is that I can see the 6 inch mark on the ruler from the reflection of the reverse and barely legible on the obverse. Does this mean it's DMPL? would a coin that's been cleaned or polished be able to show the 6 inch mark? also forgot to mention that this coin was once without the crud on the obverse. My friend lives near the ocean and most of his loose coins are toning similar.

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This coin to me looks 100% cleaned, and Im not talking about improperly dipped, or dipped and not rinsed. I am talking with a polishing rag, or polished, or something to that effect.


If you took a DMPL and polished it up with a rag and some silver polish, it will still have that reflectivity you are talking about. I mean, im sure you could eliminate that eventually but I am guessing it would take a lot of harsh scrubbing to take it out if so...


I vote harshly cleaned, or polished.




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