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When you purchase a new coin....are you like me?

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When I get one, especially when it is a large purchase to me, I cannot wait to get it imaged and posted and get opinions from everyone to make sure I have gotten my money's worth and I suppose to show it off a bit. For each coin I post there is always someone that I have in mind on this board or across the street that I hope posts to the thread to either bash or praise the coin.


Without naming any names there are certain people on both boards whose opinions I respect enormously when it comes to certain series of coins. Their opinions have steered me away from specific coins and towards certain ones in the past few years.


I like having as many eyes viewing and as many opinions as possible on large purchases even if they are based on images. Many of you pick up on stuff (not just on my posts but on image posts in general) and I find myself having to scroll back and see what you picked up on.


thanks to all of you for your eyes!

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I fully agree. I'm always very happy with my purchases, that I have trouble containing my enthusiasm. Although I currently don't have the expertise to image my coins and post them to threads, either here or accross the street, I usually find some one who's adept in imaging my purchases.


I like your signiture line..."I am no longer looking for a LOW grade problem free 1796 quarter ! "


I should have something along those lines for myself:


No longer looking for an AU 58 1892-O Micro O Barber Half Dollar !



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Every now and again I'll feel like posting a new coin. Most of the time, however, I sit my new coins at the side of my desk and look at them every so often through my work days. After a time I have "absorbed" enough of the character and detail of the piece to feel comfortable taking it to the bank. I have my own scans by that point and can satisfy my interests by looking at them.


Photos and scans usually do poorly at capturing the character of coins, so i simply choose not to show them. They are enough of a reminder to me to make me happy without getting slaughtered by comments, either about the coin or about how bad my scan is. Grading cannot be done by an image, so I am weary of trying.


In a similar context, my reg sets, which will never be at the top of the pile, are intended to impart a sense of the joy of collecting and the countless aspects of approach. Photos with history make for a good story. But unless you hire someone like Shylock to do your photography, then the images will not capture the essence of the coin. And I suppose it's similar on these boards.


In the end, only your own opinion matters. And I like the posts where people offer up their opinion on their own coin, especially the positive qualities of the piece. A little history is nice - both about the coin and about its acquisition. I typically hate offering criticism, constructive or not, when it has not been asked for.



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Without naming any names there are certain people on both boards whose opinions I respect enormously when it comes to certain series of coins.



Goose, come on now, you are making me blush! blush.gif

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