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I don't know about an arm, but this one definitely cost a leg...

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My new 3-legged buffalo nickel!


One of the most popular variety or error coins in history, the three-legged buffalo is most commonly attributed to a mint employee overpolishing a very worn die and completely erasing the buffalo's front-most leg in the process.


The error was discovered in 1939 and eventually added to the Red Book, making it an instant key date as exact mintages are unknown, but relatively very low, especially in relation to demand.


A high grade 4-legged 1937-D nickel will sell for under $100, whereas a high grade 3-legged error coin will sell for a couple thousand dollars or more depending on condition.


This was one of the first "famous" coins I was aware of as a kid, before I even started collecting I knew there were elusive 3-legged buffalo nickels. I'm very happy to have this high grade example in my collection now.


I also included some wooden nickels in the presentation picture. Wooden nickels (most based on the buffalo nickel design), were popular in the 1930s. These wooden nickels were made by banks and local merchants as advertising pieces, or as redeemable tokens during the Great Depression when businesses had trouble making change. I own a few classic examples from various towns and merchants to add a bit of additional history and context to my buffalo nickels.


Local businesses, casinos, and coin clubs still have wooden nickels made today, usually as promotional items including their website and logos.


This particular coin will serve as the Type 2 example in my type set project (the type set is listed under my Custom Sets if you'd like to see the other coins).



See more journals by Alan Lastufka

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Nice find! Did you pluck this one from circulation?

Thanks. I wish! No, I made an offer on Heritage to the previous owner and he/she accepted it. First time I'd ever used the anonymous Make An Offer feature, but it worked out well. It's graded NGC MS 63+ and CAC'ed.

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You have a very nice set Alan. I for one will be looking forward to see what you will be doing with it. The coins you currently have in it have lots of eye appeal and the presentation and photos are excellent!


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Thanks Gary! I'm working on perfecting my coin photography with a lot of help from brg5658. I'm not at his level yet, but I hope to get close to it one day. And I'm a freelance graphic designer so I love putting the presentation composite images together.


I just started the type set three weeks ago, but I have big hopes for it. =)

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