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multiple designs / annual design changes in other series?

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In addition to the...

  • Bicentennial "Life of Lincoln" cents
  • Westward Journey nickels
  • Statehood/Territories/America the Beautiful quarters
  • Native American Sacagawea dollars
  • Presidential dollars

...have any other coin series had multiple designs per year, or major design changes annually in the series?

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Guess it depends on what you define as "major".


- 1836 Lettered and Reeded edge halves

- 1839 Reeded edge half and Seated half

- 1857 large cent and FE cent

- 1883 V nickel (with and without cents)

- 1909 IHC and Lincoln cent

- 1916 Barber dime and Mercury dime

- 1916 Barber quarter and SLQ

- 1917 SLQs (with and without chainmail)


...I am sure there are more....



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Jefferson War nickels. design change of large mint mark and moved the mint mark.

Franklin Proof Half in 1956 with redesign of reverse eagle.

American eagle with all the anniversary sets.

Native American dollar in 2014 with enhansed finish.

5oz Washington parks quarters




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Not a major change, but in 1946 there was a very slight design change to the obverse of the Roosevelt dime. It's very subtle. But changes include:


- a more pronounced forelock of Roosevelt's hair,

- stronger JS initials,

- a rounder nose,

- and a more "fleshier" appearance on Roosevelt's face, particularly on the cheek


These changes are listed by CONECA, Breen, Kevin Flynn, and a few others. The most obvious are the initials and the distance between the Y of LIBERTY and the hair forelock.




I guess you could also consider the Pointed 9 and Blunt 9 varieties as very minor design changes on the 1964 Roosevelts as well.

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