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Hey Hoot/ KingOTJ

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Im finally getting around to working on the Proofs in my Jeff collection. Ive never really cared for proofs in any demonination, but they are starting to grow on me.


Anyway, what dates are hard to find in deep/ultra cam. The mid 1970s to present seem easy enough, but what about the older ones?


And how hard are the early Jeff proofs to find with atleast a cameo?




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Dry, I'll only respond with my own experiences in the PR Jeff arena.


From 38 to 2003, I had 52 PCGS slabbed PRs. The breakdown was:


4 ea. PR70DC

37 ea. PR69DC

2 ea. PR68DC

2 ea. PR68C

2 ea. PR67C

3 ea. PR67

2 ea. PR66DC


Many from 1938 to 1950 are rare or non-existent in C let alone DC. Many of the 50's are hard to find and expensive in 68C and the 60's thru 1972 are the same way in PR69DC. 99% of the PR69DC from 1977 to present are hard to give away now as so many are being slabbed but back when I bought them, they were running $15 to $40. If you are a signin member with Heritage, you can view their archived sales for PR Jeffs. This will give you more historical sales and rarity info then you may want. Teletrade's past auctions are another source for the same kind of info, in fact, this coming Sunday auction (#1991) has quite a few PR Jeffs going up.


Any year proof can be bought very affordably if you aren't concerned with cameo or deep cameo. With either of these two designations, the prices will rise with the grade substantially and sometimes, prohibitively as will the availability.


Til Hoot or Leo chime in, I hope I've helped you some.

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David has it down. You will be quite lucky to find a CAM designated piece from 1938-42. Very few exist. You may find some pieces in that date range that are cameo on one side but not the other. I have a very choice 1939 (rev. of 38) that is that way - Jefferson has a very complete mild cameo.


Deep cameo pieces can be found from 1950-54, but they are pretty rare and you'll really pay the price, especially in high grade. Likewise, from 1955-64, the grade scale is moved up a bit and there are a few more DCAM pieces, but they are quite pricey. You can pick up excellent CAM pieces from 1950-64 in relatively high grades for a song in comparison to their DCAM/UCAM counterparts. And some of thse CAM pieces can be quite strong.


SMS pieces of 1965-67 are great to look for in CAM. DCAM pieces of these years are off the charts and stupid money, IMO. MS67 and MS68 CAM pieces from these years can be fairly affordable and are also fairly rare.


From 1968 onward, the game is quite a bit easier, but as David mentioned, coins of 68, 69, and 70 can be pretty pricey for a high grade DCAM piece.


I find these coins from 1938-42, then again from 1950-54, and again from 1955-70 (excluding SMS) great bunches of coins to consider and fun to pursue for collection.



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Here's my Jefferson proof collection. Since I'll never be able to bat with the big boys, I've been fortunate to add the early proofs with some degree of frost and deep mirrors. For me the key is "deep mirrors" and as much frost as I can afford, for the early dates, if I can find them.

The 1939 Rev.40 Pcgs PR66 cost me $900, the most I've paid for a proof, I couldn't of gone much higher or the landlord would have freaked out! 27_laughing.gif

By the way, the 1942 Pcgs PR66 Lt Frost is for sale!


1938 PR66 5.50 Light frost.

1938 PR66 6.00 Lt. frost Extra thick planchet.

1939 Rev.38 Pcgs PR66 Frosted Obv.

1939 Rev.40 Pcgs PR66 Mod. frost

1940 Rev.38 Not yet.

1940 Rev.40 Pcgs PR65 Lt Frost

1941 PCGS PR67 Lt Frost

1942 P66 Mod. Frost. P66 Lt Frost, for sale, P67 Light.

1942-P PR66 Frosted.

1942-P Anacs PR65 Frosted

1950 Anacs 66 Cameo

1950 N67 Cameo*


1952 P66 Cameo

1953 A66 Cameo B&W

1954 P67 Cameo


1956 P67 Cameo

1957 P67 Cameo

1958 N67 Cameo

1959 A67 Cam Rainbow toning.

1960 MS65 Cameo


1962 N68 Ultra Cameo

1963 N68 Cameo

1964 P68 Cameo. P67DC


1966 A67 Cameo 5 steps

1967 A65 Heavy Cam 5 steps*, sold.

1968 S P68 Deep Cameo

1969 S MS67 Deep Cameo

1970 S MS65 Blue Cameo

1971 S N68 UCam

1972 S P68 Deep Cameo

1973 S PR67 Deep Cameo

1974 S PR65 Blue Cameo

1975 S on up 2001-S are Pf67

or higher in Deep cameo. A few

have rainbow to gold toning.

1994-P Specimen Anacs69

1997-P Specimen MS69**



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