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Great NEWPS from Nashua show

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I went to Nashua coin show this morning, I did not have high expectations, but there were some pleasant surprises awaiting me. The show was BUSY, there was a lot activity, buying and selling, I've seen one dealer with tons of the 2005, and BOXES of common date morgans in 64 from PCGS and NGC ($55 each). I did a quick run throgh the floor to see what's going on (notably some of the usual dealers were missing - FUN). If you are in MA you may want to go to Westford show next week, I expect to see a lot of fresh stuff! Anyway, after meeting fellow board members and complaing about ebay and paypal I went to hunt for the coins. Fist stop was the dealer I always go to b/c he always has a nice selection of Barbers. I managed to pick up 1899-O and 1902-O for my set - 21 coins to go (mostly early dates). I also went throgh his stuff In his book of nickels I found 1872 that was one these huge double dies in the cherrypickers guide (annulet DD). The problem was that the coin was barely AG3 and acid dipped, even at $12.50 I passed on it. However I did pick a nickel, 1868, for $20 I could not go wrong with it.

Shield Nickel

In addition to the nickel I found a nice original bust half and I'm a sucker for original coins so I picked it up, I guess it's probably the most common variety, but does anyone have overton book handy???

bust half

I'm getting ready to get some coins to NGC and I need to get a couple more for economy. I stopped at the table of another dealer. He had a monster tray of washington quarters. I picked a nice 1946-S 25c and 1937-D quarters.

1946-S 25c

1937-D 25c

Finally I asked him for morgans. After going throgh 4 trays w/o finding anything I went for 1921 Morgan

1921 Morgan score

It really doesn't look like much, does it? Just your plain 1921 Morgan, that looks like MS63 (paid $36); now let's take a second, closer look

crappy close up

bigger, better close-up

I think You know noe why I bought it, can anyone estimate the value?

Thank you!!!

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