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How do you attach more than one file???

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I'm assuming you're asking about images so will answer accordingly.


All pics use the same color].jpg*


To add a second pic, just copy the same string and start it with the where the other left off (where the * is above) again, adding your pics id and end with .jpg.


If you right click on the images of the $1,000,000 dime then click properties, it will show you the string I used to transfer the picture after copying it to my computer from Heritage. You'll see that the only things that change from one to the other is the specific id attributed the coin by me and the 6 digit picture number assigned by NGC software that is between /attachments// and .jpg[/img].


Hope this helps. If more confused now, PM me and I'll go thru it by the numbers for you. Fairly easy once you do it.



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I believe spy88 demonstrated how to embed an image in the text of a post. If you want to simply attach an image to your post so that folks can see it by clicking the "Attachment" link then all you need to do is make certain you have the little box, beneath all the emoticons, which states

I want to preview my post and/or attach a file
checked. By doing this you will be asked what attachment you would like to add on the next screen. Pick an attachment from your hard drive, I think the limit is 150000 or so bytes, and follow the instructions. thumbsup2.gif


As for attaching more than one image, I don't believe they allow this, unless you stitch the two images together before you attach them.

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